Module 2

Module 2

Adding nlp to Your Coaching Toolkit

The Mind-Body Connection:

Understanding emotional and social intelligence through NLP and mind-body connection.


The body and being inside of us were originally designed to work seamlessly together. The NLP Somatic Coaching skills in this module support clients in reconnecting to their innate wisdom and increasing their social and emotional intelligence.

  • Introduction to some powerful NLP concepts, tools and somatic coaching techniques.
  • Learning how to apply NLP coaching skills and techniques in a coaching context.
  • Exploring powerful ways NLP can help your clients create the outcomes and the life they want.


Using NLP to Shift State & Transformational Vocabulary

Four Levels of Consciousness

Using NLP to Access Powerful States

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Mental Emotional Filters

Assumptions of NLP

Making Meanings that Work for You

Magnet Visualization

New Behaviour Generator

Perceptual Positions

Criteria – Defining Your Values

Accessing Mentors

Module 2 Assignment

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