NLP Somatic Coach 

Your pathway to becoming an international certified coach

The ultimate coach training program, progressing you from novice to coach-preneur. It is the only global ICF certification with personalized 1:1 coach training, coaching and mentoring from a PCC level Coach Trainer. Receive group mentoring by a Master Certified Coach and join a global community of change-makers. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn a strategy to launch a thriving coaching business and earn your first $10,000

The Only ICF Certification Program Globally That Provides:

Guaranteed Transformation

Transform yourself and others from inside out

Proven Global Coaching Success

Over 7500 graduates globally who have become successful coaches

1-on-1 with a Coach Trainer

The most personalized coach certification program in the industry

10K Business Blueprint & Toolkit

Support to earn your first 10K and opportunity to become an ALCN Coach Trainer

Designed For Change Makers and Trail Blazers

The ALCN NLP Somatic Coach program is tailor-made for those ready to chart a new course in life. Ideal for individuals committed to acquiring new skills and embodying a revolutionary skillset, it empowers you to step into your power, design the life that you want and make a positive impact.

  • A leader looking to enhance your transformational leadership skills
  • A professional seeking holistic coaching methods and a proven coaching framework for transformation and growth
  • An executive in transition and exploring alternative career pathways that aligns with your strengths and purpose
  • An aspiring coach or NLP practitioner aiming for ICF accreditation
  • An experienced coach refining your skills and seeking CCE hours

What make us different from other coaching programs

Guaranteed Personal Transformation

When you enroll in our programs you will learn the exclusive Conscious Change Coaching Method®, developed by our Founder, Helen Attridge based on over 30 years of study and hands-on experience in human development. This method seamlessly blends the ICF coaching framework with Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and somatic coaching skills, offering powerful tools for clients to understand, clarify, and embody transformative changes across all areas of life.

Proven Success Globally

Since 2009, over 7500 graduates from 75 nationalities have successfully completed the NLP Somatic Coach program. We’ve assisted executives in leaving their 60-hour work weeks to design their dream life, inspired entrepreneurs to build 7-figure online businesses, helped CEOs transform their organizations, and empowered young adults to develop their inner leadership.

The Most Personalized Coach Certification Program

Tailored to your preferences, the NLP Somatic Coach program offers unparalleled flexibility. Choose your personal Coach Trainer from our global network of PCC level coaches based on niches, language, or time zone. You set the pace—fast track or take your time within the 1-year timeframe, with most graduating in 6-8 months.

Become a Coach Trainer and Grow to $100,000

The ALCN NLP Somatic Coach program is the entry point for coaches driven by a passion to be catalysts of change. With a business blueprint and mentoring, we assist in acquiring your first $10,000 revenue. Subsequently graduates can also apply to become Coach Training Partner with us, unlocking a financially rewarding career and the potential to reach $100,000 within the first year.

What’s Included In the Program

The NLP Somatic Coach program is the most comprehensive Level 1 coaching certification, offering unparalleled value.

Your investment includes:

  • 40 hours of 1:1 practice coaching and mentoring
    spread across 32 sessions with a PCC level Coach Trainer
  • Includes 10 hours of personalized feedback and supervision
    from your PCC Level Coach Trainer to support your growth
  • 10 group mentoring sessions
    with Helen Attridge, our Founder and Master Certified Coach with over 30 years of experience coaching more than 30,000 clients and students globally.
  • Over 20 hours of self paced learning materials and coaching resources
    that include videos, coaching demos, inner alignment tools, exclusive NLP Somatic Coaching Training Workbook  and Embodiment Journal. 
  • Unlimited peer coaching
    with a global cohort that allows you to experience different coaching styles
  • Lifelong access to the global ALCN community hub
    of leaders, change makers and innovators for support, inspiration and networking. 
  • 10K business blueprint and toolkit
    that includes strategy and marketing materials to support you in launching a thriving coaching business and achieving your first $10,000 (optional add on) 

This is an ICF Level 1 program that includes all the necessary education hours,
mentor coaching and performance evaluation required for you to earn an ICF ACC Credential.

At the end of the program you will:

  • Have received the equivalent of 8 months of personal coaching and education that transforms you from the inside out.
  • Graduate as a Certified NLP Somatic Coach ™ who is proficient in the Conscious Change MethodⓇ and equipped with skills to facilitate personal transformation in yourself and others.
  • Meet all the training and mentoring hours required for application for the ICF ACC credentials.
  • Gain the confidence to launch a coaching business and design a life that aligns to your values and purpose.
  • Build lifelong relationships with like-minded individuals who have a shared passion for learning and growth.


What To Expect During The Program

Once you’ve decided to work with us, this is how the program works:

During the onboarding process you will:

  • Select your preferred Coach Trainer based on coaching niche, timezone and language
  • Discuss your learning goals, schedule and pace with your Coach Trainer
  • You have up to 1 year to complete the program but most students complete within 6- 8 months
  • Familiarize yourself with the learning and community platform

In each 1:1 coaching session you will:

  • Practice coaching based on the lesson plan
  • Receive supervision and discuss feedback
  • Be coached by your Coach Trainer

Every month you will attend 2 live group mentoring calls:

  • Coach mentoring with Helen Attridge, to deep dive into practical application of the Conscious Change Coaching Method®
  • Business mentoring session with a member of the ALCN graduate community, focused on building a successful coaching business

In between your sessions with the Coach Trainer you will:

  • Prepare for your lessons through the ALCN learning portal
  • Integrate the skills through resources, embodiment journal and embodiment practices to deepen your learning experiences and support inner alignment
  • Start peer coaching with other members of your cohort

Module breakdown

There are 4 core learning modules, including videos, recorded coaching demos, a comprehensive workbook and embodiment journal, all designed to support you in learning and integrating these skills into your business and life.

Module 01

Creating a Powerful Coaching Relationship

The Foundation of Coaching:

Getting to know your client, understanding where they currently are and where they want to be.

Module 02

Adding NLP to your coaching toolkit

The Mind-Body Connection:

Understanding emotional and social intelligence through NLP and mind-body connection.

Module 03


The Conscious Change Coaching Method in Action:

Creating an effortless flow in coaching sessions combining the ICF Core Competencies with NLP Somatic techniques, deep listening and intuition.

Module 04


Coming Into Alignment:

With who you need to BE to create the life you want and have the impact you want to have.

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Module 1

Creating a Powerful Coaching Relationship

The Foundation of Coaching:

Getting to know your client, understanding where they currently are and where they want to be.


This module allows you to get to know your client, how their brain works, how connected they are currently to their body and understand through a variety of assessments, awareness-raising exercises and NLP Somatic tools, where they currently are in their life and where they want to be.

Explore what’s below the surface and learn how to establish a coaching partnership with your client.

  • Intro to ALCN’s Framework & Conscious Change Coaching Method, ICF’s Core Competencies and NLP Somatic coaching.
  • How to design a focus for ongoing work with a client and how core competencies create a simple, easy model for coaching sessions.
  • Understanding your client’s current internal and external environments and what needs to shift and change.
  • Identifying specific behaviors and patterns that are keeping the client from moving towards their vision.
  • Establishing the actions that are needed on a daily basis to support the embodiment of the vision.
  • Co-designing the support system the client needs to make their vision a reality & personal development books recommended by our global community to transform their organizations and company work environments.


Whole Body Listening

The Reticular Activating System & Intention Setting

Life Balance Wheel

Safety vs. Risk

Powerful Questions

Universal Cycle of Change

The Six Human Needs

The Four Elements

Emotional States

Meta Outcome and Timeline

Intake & Well-formed Outcome

Future Self Visualization

Module 1 Assignment

Module 2

Adding nlp to Your Coaching Toolkit

The Mind-Body Connection:

Understanding emotional and social intelligence through NLP and mind-body connection.


The body and being inside of us were originally designed to work seamlessly together. The NLP Somatic Coaching skills in this module support clients in reconnecting to their innate wisdom and increasing their social and emotional intelligence.

  • Introduction to some powerful NLP concepts, tools and somatic coaching techniques.
  • Learning how to apply NLP coaching skills and techniques in a coaching context.
  • Exploring powerful ways NLP can help your clients create the outcomes and the life they want.


Using NLP to Shift State & Transformational Vocabulary

Four Levels of Consciousness

Using NLP to Access Powerful States

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Mental Emotional Filters

Assumptions of NLP

Making Meanings that Work for You

Magnet Visualization

New Behaviour Generator

Perceptual Positions

Criteria – Defining Your Values

Accessing Mentors

Module 2 Assignment

Module 3

Mastering the Craft

Creating an effortless flow in coaching sessions combining the ICF Core Competencies with NLP Somatic techniques, deep listening and intuition.


The Conscious Change Coaching Method in Action.
Learn how NLP Somatic coaching skills, when mastered and combined with deep listening, powerful questioning, intuition and the backdrop of the ICF Model, create an effortless flow in coaching sessions.

  • The art and craft of coaching.
  • Honing your listening and intuition so that coaching becomes effortless and your client is able to access their deeper wisdom and intuition.
  • Learn how to structure a coaching session to create a powerful framework for results. You will also continue to hone your listening and intuition.


Halfway Review

Working with the ICF Coaching Model

The Precision Model


The Craft of Coaching Skills: Working with Intuition

Life Journey Map

ICF Coaching Session combined with NLP Somatic Coaching

Coach as Sponsor

Module 3 Assignment

Module 4

Embodying The Vision

Inner Alignment for Creating Conscious Change.


Closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
Change your internal story, change your life. Shift old limiting beliefs and learn the skills to align with your mission, embrace a new identity and embody your vision for your life.

  • Advanced NLP Somatic coaching techniques that support clients shifting on a belief and identity level.
  • How to apply these NLP Somatic coaching techniques in a variety of different coaching environments.
  • Getting to the root of what’s getting in the way of you designing the life you want.
  • Embodying the vision & moving into action.


What are Beliefs?

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Eliciting Beliefs

Exploring Limiting Beliefs

Belief Clusters

Empowering Beliefs

Belief Change Process

Walt Disney Strategy

Big Dream

Your Coaching Journey & Well-formed outcome: an action plan for your I AM MAP

Closing Visualization to embody the vision

Anthony P. Narine

Business, Executive & Leadership Development Coach | Trinidad and Tobago

Tony has spent the past 20 years working in leadership roles across various multi-national corporations and is now the Founder of Human-Fluent – a boutique coaching business focusing on emerging leaders in career transitions, executives in navigating organizational complexity and youth leadership.

Tony holds an MBA and is certified in NLP Somatic Coaching and is certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF). He has lectured at the UWI School of Business and Applied Studies, is a researcher and contributor to the Centre for Creative Leadership, has served on the Human Capital Executive Research Boards, and is a member Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board.

Tony has a big heart. He lives and breathes a life of seva, (selfless service). He’s an advocate for social justice, particularly related to children, the elderly, migrants and refugee causes. He’s recently established a youth program and is using his NLP Somatic coach skills to empower young leaders. He has mentored teenagers for over ten years and is a responder to natural disasters globally.

Tony coaches in English and Spanish. 

Rebecca Jade Hoole

NLP Somatic Coach | Surrey, United Kingdom

Rebecca is a dedicated Somatic Coach who specializes in guiding parents toward more fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful lives. Through a holistic approach, Rebecca helps her clients to evaluate every aspect of their lives, empowering them to move forward with greater clarity and purpose. Her unique coaching method helps individuals design lives that fully express their authentic selves and passions while maintaining a solid foundation of wellness and balance.

Rebecca’s expertise combines NLP and somatic coaching, allowing her clients to overcome barriers and move toward their goals with ease. Her work has significantly enhanced many individuals’ mind-body connection, fostering deeper self-awareness and personal growth.

In her coaching sessions, Rebecca creates a safe, nurturing environment where clients can explore their true selves and envision the lives they desire. Her intuitive and tailored approach supports clients in developing a strong sense of self and deep trust in their decision-making abilities, enabling them to confidently achieve their goals.

Rebecca’s journey into coaching was driven by her desire to leave the corporate world and build a life aligned with her family and personal values. This transition has allowed her to pursue her passion for coaching while enjoying quality time with her husband and two boys. Despite a busy family life, Rebecca remains committed to her well-being practices, including hiking, yoga, and meditation, which provide space for inner reflection and growth.

Living in the picturesque Surrey Hills, UK, Rebecca enjoys the perfect balance of being surrounded by nature while having easy access to the vibrant city of London. This harmonious lifestyle reflects her coaching philosophy of balance and fulfillment.

Rebecca is passionate about inspiring and facilitating positive change in her clients’ lives, helping them to thrive.

Rebecca coaches internationally and in English.

Swati Sharma

Transformation & Transition Coach | Kolkata, India

Swati coaches clients internationally. She coaches in English and Hindi. Swati is on a profound journey, delving into the depths of her own being while nurturing a mission close to her heart – to guide others toward deep self-love and the realization of their boundless potential. Her coaching voyage has gifted her with gratitude and grace, the very essence she wishes to live her life by!

She is an NLP Somatic Coach and a PCC credentialed coach from ICF. A level 1 Reiki Healer and Somatic Practitioner, she truly believes that our bodies never lie and in the power of intuition. With a background in both engineering and business, Swati spent over a decade in the corporate world before embracing her true calling as a Transformation and Transition Coach.

She runs her own practice called MindScuba. Once a scuba-diver and forever a lover. And that’s the kind of experience she wishes to give people, where they feel like they’ve scuba-dived deep within themselves and emerge out harmonized – mind, body and soul. Specializing in navigating life’s challenging transitions, Swati empowers her clients to surface from difficulties stronger than before.

Swati is also a celebrated theatre artist and a Dastango (an ancient storytelling art form in hindi and urdu). A mother to an ever-curious little girl, they love to dance, sing, travel, read and are also learning French together.


Swati coaches clients internationally. She coaches in English and Hindi.

Erlina Sidik

Leadership & Life Coach, Corporate Facilitator, Trainer & Guide | Mauritius & Singapore

Erlina Sidik is an NLP Somatic Coach, corporate trainer, and facilitator. Her focus is on helping millennials become authentic and courageous leaders, working with individuals, teams, and leaders to develop intentional leadership styles using a holistic approach that incorporates NLP, somatic practices, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.

After more than 15 years as a marketing professional in complex technical industries, Erlina left her corporate career in Singapore in 2020 to pursue her passion for coaching. She has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by leaders in today’s fast-paced business environment and is able to help her clients develop the skills and strategies needed to succeed. Erlina inspired her life partner Simon to join her on her coaching journey and now they get to work together as they design a life they love.

Besides her coaching practice, Erlina is also launching a training center in Mauritius focused on developing emotionally intelligent leaders. When she is not coaching, she enjoys scuba diving, hiking, and watching sunsets in her current home on the paradise island of Mauritius.

Erlina coaches in English.

Ivet Pavlova

Business, Leadership & Life Balance Coach & Trainer | Sofia, Bulgaria

After 15 years in the corporate financial world, Ivet made the challenging decision to transition into entrepreneurship, driven by her passion to empower individuals to lead healthier, happier, and more successful lives.

She started her entrepreneurial path as a wellness consultant in 2011, and when she found coaching she recognized in it the best methodology she needed to follow her dreams. She got her certification as an NLP coach from ALCN in 2014, and since then she dedicated herself to the coaching profession, adding new tools and new levels each year.

This was a transformative journey of a huge personal growth, overcoming fears, uncertainties, and pushing beyond her comfort zone. She acquired many new skills and wisdom during the process. Drawing from her extensive knowledge and experience, she has developed a holistic approach for solving challenges in business and life, that together with her high intuition and ability to create a profoundly empathic and safe space, makes her coaching very powerful for her clients.

Ivet supports corporate leaders, new entrepreneurs, business owners and coaches around the world to overcome challenges in business, leadership and life, foster personal and professional growth, and achieve their inspirations with ease, love and empathy. Additionally, she assists them in creating effective and cohesive teams, and cultivating a positive company culture where people can thrive.

As a parent of a teenager, Ivet understands the value of a well-balanced lifestyle. In her leisure time, she enjoys skiing, hiking, and time with family and friends.

Ivet coaches in English and Bulgarian. 

Rossana Magaña Ruiz

Executive, Leadership Development & Team Coach | Guadalajara, Mexico

Rossana has more than 25 years of professional experience facilitating leadership programs, executive and team coaching, communication skills, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, team building, NLP, human and organizational development in México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, the USA and Canada in Global Corporations.

She has a degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in NLP (CMPNL); She is a Certified in NLP Somatic Coach (ALCN); Certified in Executive and Team Coach by the European School of Coaching (EEC) and MindsetMaps Coach by MindsetMaps International. Her international outlook and multicultural background is a valuable asset for our students.

Born in Guadalajara, México, Rossana has traveled extensively, visiting over 40 countries. She now resides in Ajijic, a beautiful village at Lake Chapala in Mexico with her Italian husband and is living the life she imagined when completing her coach training with ALCN.

Her passions is to support people, groups, teams and organization to make their dreams com true.

Rossana coaches in Spanish, English and Italian.

Sonia Rao Lan

Executive, Leadership & Women’s Leadership Coach | Shenzhen, China

Sonia works with executives from the automobile, finance, real estate, pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing and information technology industries in China. Sonia began coaching in 2011, has a MCC and facilitates ALCNs Coaching Skills for Leadership and Life in China.

Having studied women in leadership she is passionate about coaching women who want to live a bold and fearless life, and integrates meditation and Qigong into her practice. Prior to coaching, Sonia held leadership positions in Fortune 500s including within financial services.

Sonia is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) of International Coach Federation (ICF), Certified NLP Executive Coach (ALCN), Certified Team Coach IECL (Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership) Certified Satir Psychology Consultant and studied Gestalt Therapy Integration. She is also Associate Coach with CCL (Center for Creative Leadership) and a Mentor for the Post-MBA Program at Fudan University.

Sonia coaches in Mandarin.

Sonia Saini

Executive & Leadership Coach | California, USA

Born with an intrinsic curiosity about what shapes people, transformational coaching was a natural calling for Sonia. Her company – Tickle Your Mind truly captures the essence of her coaching style: direct yet lighthearted. She’s on a mission to “keep the torch of hope alive” which is about empowering her clients and students to believe in themselves by gaining clarity and confidence, conquering challenges and drawing upon their own inner wisdom.

Sonia’s growing international presence has so far transformed client’s lives in Australia, China, India, Mauritius, France, Mexico and the U.S. She’s got 15+ years of professional experience ranging from being a popular radio jockey to holding roles in sales, marketing, talent acquisition at fast-paced Silicon Valley companies and big-4 consulting firms.

It’s her ambition to connect with many minds from around the world, and to positively empower people to create their own solutions. Sonia holds an MS in Mass Communication and Journalism from San Jose State University.

Sonia coaches in English and Hindi.

Surbhi Mittal

Leadership & Life Coach | New York, USA

Born in India, Surbhi has lived and worked as an expat in Japan and the US and spent the majority of her career working with international teams. With 20+ years of experience in both entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 environments, her corporate journey always felt like something was missing.

Coaching gave Surbhi the opportunity to combine the many facets of her diverse career in management, consulting and training, with the much-needed element of ‘staying in touch with your human side’. Through coaching, she helps clients get to the heart of the matter, bringing “spot on intuition” and wisdom, instilling confidence, inspiring courage, and infusing unconventional thinking with a sprinkle of playfulness and fun. She subscribes to the values of humanizing organizations, empathy, openness, truth, integrity, trust, learning, generosity, and most importantly fun and love.

Currently based in the US, Surbhi provides executive coaching, training and support to organizations considering or going through transformational change. Her experiences as an expat have also made her passionate about working with expat executives who want to make the next stage of their career more purposeful in their work and meaningful for themselves.

Surbhi is also spiritual journey devotee (following Himalayan tradition of meditation), Authentic Dance Movement Therapy enthusiast, Latin dancer (Salsa dancing is my first love always) and Reiki Healer.

Surbhi is based in the US and coaches in English and Hindi.

Trevor Torrance

Transformation Coach | Sydney, Australia

Trevor’s passion to empower individuals and organizations to break through their barriers was fostered over four decades at the top of his career in professional sport and the corporate world. Retiring from professional sport in the late 90s, he moved to corporate. Having an intuitive understanding of what it takes to make a high performing team, he quickly moved into leadership roles in Australia and globally in finance, telco and academia.

His areas of expertise and passion in transformational coaching are within: leadership, personal growth, resilience and holistic wellbeing. His coaching approach is about people getting ‘unstuck’, overcoming the limiting beliefs and assumptions that hold them back from stepping into their greatest potential. He is also experienced in facilitation, ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), hypnotherapy, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

He believes that having a growth mindset is critical to having a positive impact personally, professionally and more broadly in our communities. Transformational coaching is a key component to that. Trevor has seen how NLP somatic coaching can make a difference to self, our relationship to colleagues, to friends, within organizations and more broadly to peoples’ community, society and ultimately the planet.

Trevor coaches in English.

Kelly Nie

Life Coach for Women | Portland, Oregon, USA

For Kelly, Life coaching is about hosting space to help grow a person’s unique capability. Once Kelly began to integrate NLP & Somatic practices into her life, everything shifted and she stepped into her calling. Today, she has her own business that encompasses coaching, ceremonial work and movement as pillars in the process of conscious change. Her mission is to help others remember the sacred within themselves to live life from a place of freedom, curiosity and love.

Kelly’s style of coaching is both compassionate and bold. From her education as an NLP Somatic Life Coach, an E-RYT 500hr Yoga Leader and her degree in Psychology, she holds space for clients to explore their most genuine desires, walking alongside them as a mirror to reflect back their highest self. Her training in Somatics and NLP gave her the tools to remember that the body holds the key. If you think of your body as an instrument: just as you tune the strings on a guitar, your mind and body deserve tuning as well. Kelly helps her clients shape their dreams into reality by identifying where they are off key and guiding them to find harmony within.

As a body-based practitioner, Kelly helps clients to sense, feel and drop into the body – and from this place, heal, re-wire and fall back in love with themselves, and re-emerge. The first step is remembering who you are. Kelly helps clients peel back the layers of self that have calloused over so they can feel what it’s like to begin again from a place of power, connection and expansion.
 Kelly is also an IAKP Kambo Practitioner and E-RYT 500hr Primal Vinyasa & Baptiste Certified Yoga Instructor.

Kelly is based in Portland, Oregon, a city surrounded by big trees, wild rivers and the beauty of Mother Nature. She coaches in English. ‍

Kelly coaches in English (currently not available for coach certification)

Natalie Legrand

Leadership Coach, Social Impact Advisor, and Cultural Activist | Washington D.C., USA

Natalie is a global leadership coach, social impact advisor, and cultural activist working at the intersection of social justice and purpose-driven enterprises. She partners with Fortune 100 organizations, small businesses, and nonprofits to define and focus on the social and sustainable impact they aim to achieve and co-develops the strategies to transform these aims into realities. She also collectively designs, develops, and implements global strategies and programs for individuals and organizations to strategically engage in underserved communities. Natalie’s goal is to empower people to think about leading differently – through the lens of cultural and social consciousness.

Natalie is a multi ethnic, multi-passionate woman who loves working with individuals to go from being a force for good to a force for change. Her coaching supports changemakers in designing a life that allows them to be fully engaged and fully alive while they work for a better world. She specializes in supporting social and climate justice activists to strategize, maximize their impact and take their wellbeing seriously. She enjoys helping mid to senior-level professionals make brave personal and professional changes and map out their careers.

Natalie coaches in English, Spanish and Russian. 

Lynn Goehner, BS, RN, PHN, PCC

Life, Health & Leadership Coach | California, USA

Lynn Goehner, BS, RN, PHN, PCC a Professional Certified Coach (ICF-PCC), and an experienced nurse, is the visionary behind Insight Consulting and Coaching. Specializing in empowering healthcare professionals and leaders dedicated to creating a better world, Lynn guides them in designing lives in alignment with their personal and professional aspirations.

Driven by a mission to effect positive change, Lynn transitioned from a successful 20-year medical practice to realign her life. After completing the ALCN-NLP program in 2019, she found inspiration to focus on personal growth, self-care, coaching, and extending help to those lacking access to health or coaching resources.

As a coach, she brings together years of experience in coaching, nursing, educating and mentoring. This experience combined with her diverse corporate leadership and entrepreneur expertise give her the wisdom, empathy, and skills to guide clients as they gain clarity, go within, and successfully navigate life’s challenges, opportunities, and transitions.

Demonstrating her commitment to lifelong learning, Lynn holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, completed the Executive Management Program at Stanford Graduate School, completed her nursing education at UCSF Nursing School, and successfully finished the ALCN-NLP Coaching Program.

Lynn coaches in English.

Scott Lilich

Executive Coach & Trainer | San Francisco, California, USA

Scott Lilich is an ICF Certified (PCC) Executive Coach and Management Trainer who specializes in helping small to mid-range businesses in transitioning to a more Conscious and Regenerative approach to both business and leadership. Having worked in the trenches of various managerial positions for over 15 years, culminating in running a mid-range business himself, Scott knows only too well the challenges and joys of leading both teams and companies. 

Scott is a certified NLP Somatic Coach, a Master Practitioner of NLP and a long-time student of Zen, Qigong and the non-violent martial art of Aikido. Scott’s approach to coaching focuses on the whole leader (Head, Heart and Guts) and his great passion is to support leaders in “growing bigger than their problems”.

When not coaching or doing Zazen (Zen meditation), you will usually find Scott on a “nature adventure” with his wife and two kids.

Scott coaches in English. 

Brenna Hindman

Executive & Leadership Coach | Seattle, USA

Brenna is a seasoned coach with over 20 years of experience dedicated to empowering leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers on their transformative journey towards self-actualization. With a unique blend of passion, wisdom, and empathy, Brenna brings invaluable guidance and unwavering support to clients navigating personal growth, interpersonal dynamics, and business endeavors.

Her extensive track record includes coaching executives from Fortune 500 companies, global leaders from nearly every industry, to the mother of a venture-backed CEO. Grounded in heart-centered consciousness and personal integrity, Brenna believes that true fulfillment and meaningful impact stem from the audacity to pursue one’s dreams, share unique gifts, and cultivate deep self-awareness, love, and trust.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences and modalities spanning Amazonian shamanism, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), conscious-oriented bodywork, reiki, Ashtanga yoga, and more, Brenna offers a holistic approach that honors the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Through compassionate guidance and an unwavering commitment to personal and collective evolution, Brenna inspires clients to transcend limitations, embrace authenticity, and embody their fullest potential.

Brenna coaches in English.

Cheryl Davenport

Business & Life Coach | Mexico/Bali

With almost 30 years in the personal growth industry, getting accredited to become an NLP Somatic Coach with ALCN was a natural fit. In her previous career, Cheryl coached international teams to create their own successful businesses. Her entrepreneurial spirit has helped her to create multiple businesses and share those skills with others. Cheryl also has a background in sales and marketing, public speaking, global training and currently hosts women’s retreats in Bali along with being a Life and Business Coach. She is also an advanced Landmark graduate.

In 2017, Cheryl left the corporate world in the USA to pursue her dream of living and working in Bali, Indonesia. After completing ALCN she has built a global coaching and retreat company that allows her to live and work location-independent which has been a dream come true. Through coaching she has been able to create an extraordinary life filled with service to others, freedom and travel. Cheryl’s mission is to help others to gain clarity around their dreams, creating deep self awareness and to empower them to reach their highest potential. Her nurturing personality combined with creating a safe space for open communication has been a great asset in helping her clients to reach their goals. She loves to support students working on Level 1 Certification.

Cheryl currently lives on the beach in Mexico and Bali and coaches in English.

Mads Birdsall

NLP-Somatic Intuition Coach | California, USA

Meet Mads Birdsall, an Authenticity Coach with a unique approach to guiding individuals on a journey to their genuine selves. The idea is simple but powerful: she helps you consciously connect with who you really are, then is by your side as you fully embody that identity.

Mads brings a diverse set of skills to her coaching—she’s an NLP Somatic Coach, is certified in crystal bowl sound healing, and uses tools like Tarot and Human Design. Plus, she’s a talented meditation and visualization guide, crafting unique guided sessions that she writes and records herself. Prior to coaching, she worked with leaders at all levels in Silicon Valley startups, non-profits, and the US Government.

When it comes to her coaching style, Mads keeps it light and playful. She believes in creating a comfortable space where you can experiment with new tools so that the door to possibility can open wider for you. And don’t expect a one-size-fits-all approach; Mads only works with a handful of clients at a time so she can give each person the attention they truly deserve.

When she’s not helping clients uncover their authentic selves, Mads is living her own authenticity. She’s consciously designed a life that aligns with her values, carving out space for self-reflection and quiet listening. You can find her in the Bay Area, soaking up some sun with a good fantasy novel, hiking with her son, or simply enjoying life with her husband and cat. As a guide in Human Design (Projector) and a Libra, she’s a natural at helping you feel seen, and making spaces feel cozy, bright and comfortable—both literally and in the space she holds in sessions.

Ultimately, Mads is all about helping you tap into your creativity and shine a light on your natural gifts. She’s on a mission to help you recognize and value those talents, guiding you towards a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Mads coaches in English.  

Anike Akridge

Leadership Coach | Maryland, USA

Anike is a Leadership & Life Coach who specializes in supporting lightworkers, changemakers and their companies to amplify their impact globally. She is passionate about assisting individuals and groups in developing their full potential. Anike has spent more than 18 years in global health and development, bolstering those striving to make the world a better place. Prior to studying with ALCN, she worked in East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) for 10+ years in a variety of leadership capacities that advanced health equity and access for marginalized groups. Domestically as a facilitator and champion for change she has worked at all levels from local organizations, to state and federal agencies.  Now, as a coach she continues to support those committed to creating a well world.

Committed to making the transformative experience of coaching accessible to broader groups of people particularly those who are underserved, Anike leverages her belief in the power of many and has recently launched a peer leadership coaching circle with international global health practitioners that facilitates connection, introspection, and professional growth.

Anike is a daughter of the African diaspora, grew up in Japan as a third culture kid, trained as a public health practitioner turned transformational people leader and is a yogi and mom who stays grounded by playing with earth.

She holds a BA from the University of Maryland, College Park in psychology and Japanese and a Master’s degree in public health and African studies. She also is an ICF Certified NLP Somatic Coach, ICF Certified Enneagram Coach, Marcus Buckingham StandOut Strengths Coach and a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD). Anike has lived, worked, or traveled in more than 18 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and North America.

Anike coaches in English and KiSwahili and speaks conversational Japanese.

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