Module 3

Module 3

Mastering the Craft

Creating an effortless flow in coaching sessions combining the ICF Core Competencies with NLP Somatic techniques, deep listening and intuition.


The Conscious Change Coaching Method in Action.
Learn how NLP Somatic coaching skills, when mastered and combined with deep listening, powerful questioning, intuition and the backdrop of the ICF Model, create an effortless flow in coaching sessions.

  • The art and craft of coaching.
  • Honing your listening and intuition so that coaching becomes effortless and your client is able to access their deeper wisdom and intuition.
  • Learn how to structure a coaching session to create a powerful framework for results. You will also continue to hone your listening and intuition.


Halfway Review

Working with the ICF Coaching Model

The Precision Model


The Craft of Coaching Skills: Working with Intuition

Life Journey Map

ICF Coaching Session combined with NLP Somatic Coaching

Coach as Sponsor

Module 3 Assignment

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