Module 1

Module 1

Creating a Powerful Coaching Relationship

The Foundation of Coaching:

Getting to know your client, understanding where they currently are and where they want to be.


This module allows you to get to know your client, how their brain works, how connected they are currently to their body and understand through a variety of assessments, awareness-raising exercises and NLP Somatic tools, where they currently are in their life and where they want to be.

Explore what’s below the surface and learn how to establish a coaching partnership with your client.

  • Intro to ALCN’s Framework & Conscious Change Coaching Method, ICF’s Core Competencies and NLP Somatic coaching.
  • How to design a focus for ongoing work with a client and how core competencies create a simple, easy model for coaching sessions.
  • Understanding your client’s current internal and external environments and what needs to shift and change.
  • Identifying specific behaviors and patterns that are keeping the client from moving towards their vision.
  • Establishing the actions that are needed on a daily basis to support the embodiment of the vision.
  • Co-designing the support system the client needs to make their vision a reality & personal development books recommended by our global community to transform their organizations and company work environments.


Whole Body Listening

The Reticular Activating System & Intention Setting

Life Balance Wheel

Safety vs. Risk

Powerful Questions

Universal Cycle of Change

The Six Human Needs

The Four Elements

Emotional States

Meta Outcome and Timeline

Intake & Well-formed Outcome

Future Self Visualization

Module 1 Assignment

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