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Geoff Helzer

Business, Executive & Leadership Coach | United States

As the founder of Second Wind Coaching, Geoff possesses a wealth of experience gained from more than 25 years of holding diverse leadership positions across multiple industries, including Health Care, Food and Beverage, Auto Repair, and Business Coaching/Consulting. This extensive background enriches his coaching approach, allowing him to empower others effectively.

Geoff thrives on guiding individuals towards growth and fulfillment, making a profound impact on their professional and personal lives. He goes beyond surface-level conversations, actively listening to uncover the root causes of challenges with remarkable ease. His communication style reflects respect and empathy, creating a supportive environment for his clients to explore. Geoff’s can-do attitude brings forth a sense of possibility to coaching sessions, instilling hope and inspiring clients as they experience tangible improvements. Ultimately, his coaching aids individuals in achieving alignment, focus, and a thriving mindset, paving the way for their overall fulfillment.

When Geoff isn’t coaching, you can usually find him on the water, where he competes in sailboat racing both on the ocean as well as inland waterways. Additionally, He enjoys time with his partner and their adult daughter exploring all corners of the Pacific Northwest.

Geoff coaches in English. 

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