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Ako Mega

Leadership Coach, Corporate Facilitator, Organizational Development Consultant | Japan

As a leadership and executive coach, Ako works with industry leaders in technology, pharmaceutical, and professional services by offering them a safe place to pause, reflect, connect, and calibrate toward where they really want to be and eliciting new ways to show up. As a consultant and trainer, she helps multinationals to create higher levels of psychological safety at work, as a pathway to high performance.

Over the years in her work with leaders, their teams, and organizations— whether in Redmond, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, or London— two things stood out: first, a majority of clients experienced a place for their often minds but not so much to access their vast and powerful wholeness. Second, a significant percentage of clients realize they have very little or no experience of true psychological safety before coming across it in a workshop: not in their families of origin, at school, or later in life.

Ako returns to ALCN as a Coach Training Partner, called to create opportunities for people to embrace not only the brilliance of their minds, but their heart center, the wisdom of their emotional histories and homes, and the essence of who they are- their unchanging, authentic spirit recognizable throughout time. Her coaching approach is informed by years of training in personal development, her love and deep gratitude to the wisdom of somatic practices, and her extensive work on authenticity. Prior to coaching, Ako held leadership positions as an art-director-turned business leader in the global luxury fashion sector, and later as a strategy consultant served as a trusted advisor to leaders of Fortune 500 companies. She offers pro-bono coaching with the HCN, an organization connecting humanitarian workers to coaches.

Ako was born in Japan, grew up cartwheeling across the lawn in Texas, came of age in New Jersey and Rhode Island, and became a working adult in New York, Paris, and Tokyo. After 20 years in central Tokyo, Ako and her teen daughter live, work, and play in the snowy wilderness of Hokkaido, Japan by way of Bali.

Ako is a childhood nickname for Akiko (Child of the Path of Light). By being known as Ako, she invites wisdom and embodiment for imperfection, dreams, and play.

Ako coaches in English. 

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