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Masha Stefanovic

NLP Coach & Psychologist | South Africa

Masha integrates the transformative power of NLP Coaching with her Clinical Psychology background. At her Cape Town practice, she empowers clients to master life’s complexities, creating lasting transformation. Her dynamic coaching style is co-created with clients, honouring each client’s rhythm and exploratory depth, providing robust tools and solid accountability. Masha’s balance of encouragement and challenge catalyses growth and transformation.

Her credentials are comprehensive: an ICF-accredited NLP Coach, a Clinical Psychologist, Holotropic Breathwork and Brennan Healing practitioner. She wields an arsenal of evidence-based techniques, including Imago, DBT, and Gestalt, to address each client’s unique needs. Masha’s background in complex social settings, such as substance addiction programmes and shelters for abuse survivors, adds a profound depth to her practice. These roles have equipped her with insights into overcoming adversity and cultivating resilience.

Her own transformation from a UN role in Geneva to pursuing her coaching and psychology passion was driven by her dedication to growth. Masha’s expertise is as varied as the clients she serves. Embracing her love for learning and multicultural environments, she’s a passionate guide for aspiring coaches and a catalyst for personal and professional renewal.

At home, Masha’s zest for life shines through her love of the outdoors, creative projects, and family life. With Masha, coaching is not just a career—it’s a way of living fully, a philosophy she embodies and imparts to all her clients.

Masha coaches in English, French, Russian and Serbian. 

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