ACT – Trevor Torrance

Trevor Torrance

Transformation Coach | Sydney, Australia

Trevor’s passion to empower individuals and organizations to break through their barriers was fostered over four decades at the top of his career in professional sport and the corporate world. Retiring from professional sport in the late 90s, he moved to corporate. Having an intuitive understanding of what it takes to make a high performing team, he quickly moved into leadership roles in Australia and globally in finance, telco and academia.

His areas of expertise and passion in transformational coaching are within: leadership, personal growth, resilience and holistic wellbeing. His coaching approach is about people getting ‘unstuck’, overcoming the limiting beliefs and assumptions that hold them back from stepping into their greatest potential. He is also experienced in facilitation, ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), hypnotherapy, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

He believes that having a growth mindset is critical to having a positive impact personally, professionally and more broadly in our communities. Transformational coaching is a key component to that. Trevor has seen how  NLP somatic coaching can make a difference to self, our relationship to colleagues, to friends, within organizations and more broadly to peoples’ community, society and ultimately the planet.

Trevor coaches in English.

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