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Surbhi Mittal

Leadership & Life Coach | New York, USA

Born in India, Surbhi has lived and worked as an expat in Japan and the US and spent the majority of her career working with international teams. With 20+ years of experience in both entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 environments, her corporate journey always felt like something was missing.

Coaching gave Surbhi the opportunity to combine the many facets of her diverse career in management, consulting and training, with the much-needed element of ‘staying in touch with your human side’. Through coaching, she helps clients get to the heart of the matter, bringing “spot on intuition” and wisdom, instilling confidence, inspiring courage, and infusing unconventional thinking with a sprinkle of playfulness and fun. She subscribes to the values of humanizing organizations, empathy, openness, truth, integrity, trust, learning, generosity, and most importantly fun and love.

Currently based in the US, Surbhi provides executive coaching, training and support to organizations considering or going through transformational change. Her experiences as an expat have also made her passionate about working with expat executives who want to make the next stage of their career more purposeful in their work and meaningful for themselves.

Surbhi is also spiritual journey devotee (following Himalayan tradition of meditation), Authentic Dance Movement Therapy enthusiast, Latin dancer (Salsa dancing is my first love always) and Reiki Healer.

Surbhi is based in the US and coaches in English and Hindi.

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