ACT – Cheryl Davenport

Cheryl Davenport

Business & Life Coach | Mexico/Bali

With almost 30 years in the personal growth industry, getting accredited to become an NLP Somatic Coach with ALCN was a natural fit. In her previous career, Cheryl coached international teams to create their own successful businesses. Her entrepreneurial spirit has helped her to create multiple businesses and share those skills with others. Cheryl also has a background in sales and marketing, public speaking, global training and currently hosts women’s retreats in Bali along with being a Life and Business Coach. She is also an advanced Landmark graduate.

In 2017, Cheryl left the corporate world in the USA to pursue her dream of living and working in Bali, Indonesia. After completing ALCN she has built a global coaching and retreat company that allows her to live and work location-independent which has been a dream come true. Through coaching she has been able to create an extraordinary life filled with service to others, freedom and travel. Cheryl’s mission is to help others to gain clarity around their dreams, creating deep self awareness and to empower them to reach their highest potential. Her nurturing personality combined with creating a safe space for open communication has been a great asset in helping her clients to reach their goals. She loves to support students working on Level 1 Certification.

Cheryl currently lives on the beach in Mexico and Bali and coaches in English.

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