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Mads Birdsall

NLP-Somatic Intuition Coach | California, USA

Meet Mads Birdsall, an Authenticity Coach with a unique approach to guiding individuals on a journey to their genuine selves. The idea is simple but powerful: she helps you consciously connect with who you really are, then is by your side as you fully embody that identity.

Mads brings a diverse set of skills to her coaching—she’s an NLP Somatic Coach, is certified in crystal bowl sound healing, and uses tools like Tarot and Human Design. Plus, she’s a talented meditation and visualization guide, crafting unique guided sessions that she writes and records herself. Prior to coaching, she worked with leaders at all levels in Silicon Valley startups, non-profits, and the US Government.

When it comes to her coaching style, Mads keeps it light and playful. She believes in creating a comfortable space where you can experiment with new tools so that the door to possibility can open wider for you. And don’t expect a one-size-fits-all approach; Mads only works with a handful of clients at a time so she can give each person the attention they truly deserve.

When she’s not helping clients uncover their authentic selves, Mads is living her own authenticity. She’s consciously designed a life that aligns with her values, carving out space for self-reflection and quiet listening. You can find her in the Bay Area, soaking up some sun with a good fantasy novel, hiking with her son, or simply enjoying life with her husband and cat. As a guide in Human Design (Projector) and a Libra, she’s a natural at helping you feel seen, and making spaces feel cozy, bright and comfortable—both literally and in the space she holds in sessions.

Ultimately, Mads is all about helping you tap into your creativity and shine a light on your natural gifts. She’s on a mission to help you recognize and value those talents, guiding you towards a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Mads coaches in English.  

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