ACT – Rebecca Jade Hoole

Rebecca Jade Hoole

NLP Somatic Life Coach | Surrey, United Kingdom

Rebecca is a NLP Somatic Life Coach. She’s spent the past 5 years supporting clients who are ready to make changes to lead more fulfilling lives and careers. She specializes in working with women juggling careers, motherhood and wellbeing.

Rebecca uses a holistic approach to support clients to design a way to live that more fully expresses their passions and authentic self, whilst building a solid foundation to maintain their happiness, wellbeing and life balance. She loves combining NLP and somatic coaching to help her clients overcome the barriers that are getting in the way of them moving towards their goals with ease.

Rebecca lives in the beautiful Surrey Hills in the UK with her partner, their son and maltese pup. She has built a thriving coaching practice coaching and loves supporting new coaches through ALCN Coach Certification. Becoming a coach enabled her to leave her corporate job and design a life based on her family centered values. She’s committed to her yoga and meditation practice daily and together with her NLP and Somatic coaching, she’s helped many clients in activating their mind-body connection.

Rebecca coaches internationally and in English. (currently on maternity leave.)

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