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Rebecca Jade Hoole

NLP Somatic Coach | Surrey, United Kingdom

Rebecca is a dedicated Somatic Coach who specializes in guiding parents toward more fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful lives. Through a holistic approach, Rebecca helps her clients to evaluate every aspect of their lives, empowering them to move forward with greater clarity and purpose. Her unique coaching method helps individuals design lives that fully express their authentic selves and passions while maintaining a solid foundation of wellness and balance.

Rebecca’s expertise combines NLP and somatic coaching, allowing her clients to overcome barriers and move toward their goals with ease. Her work has significantly enhanced many individuals’ mind-body connection, fostering deeper self-awareness and personal growth.

In her coaching sessions, Rebecca creates a safe, nurturing environment where clients can explore their true selves and envision the lives they desire. Her intuitive and tailored approach supports clients in developing a strong sense of self and deep trust in their decision-making abilities, enabling them to confidently achieve their goals.

Rebecca’s journey into coaching was driven by her desire to leave the corporate world and build a life aligned with her family and personal values. This transition has allowed her to pursue her passion for coaching while enjoying quality time with her husband and two boys. Despite a busy family life, Rebecca remains committed to her well-being practices, including hiking, yoga, and meditation, which provide space for inner reflection and growth.

Living in the picturesque Surrey Hills, UK, Rebecca enjoys the perfect balance of being surrounded by nature while having easy access to the vibrant city of London. This harmonious lifestyle reflects her coaching philosophy of balance and fulfillment.

Rebecca is passionate about inspiring and facilitating positive change in her clients’ lives, helping them to thrive.

Rebecca coaches internationally and in English.

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