ACT – Natalie Legrand

Natalie Legrand

Leadership Coach, Social Impact Advisor, and Cultural Activist | Washington D.C., USA

Natalie is a global leadership coach, social impact advisor, and cultural activist working at the intersection of social justice and purpose-driven enterprises. She partners with Fortune 100 organizations, small businesses, and nonprofits to define and focus on the social and sustainable impact they aim to achieve and co-develops the strategies to transform these aims into realities. She also collectively designs, develops, and implements global strategies and programs for individuals and organizations to strategically engage in underserved communities. Natalie’s goal is to empower people to think about leading differently – through the lens of cultural and social consciousness.

Natalie is a multi ethnic, multi-passionate woman who loves working with individuals to go from being a force for good to a force for change. Her coaching supports changemakers in designing a life that allows them to be fully engaged and fully alive while they work for a better world. She specializes in supporting social and climate justice activists to strategize, maximize their impact and take their wellbeing seriously. She enjoys helping mid to senior-level professionals make brave personal and professional changes and map out their careers.

Natalie coaches in English, Spanish and Russian. 

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