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Ivet Pavlova

Business, Leadership & Life Balance Coach & Trainer | Sofia, Bulgaria

After 15 years in the corporate financial world, Ivet made the challenging decision to transition into entrepreneurship, driven by her passion to empower individuals to lead healthier, happier, and more successful lives.

She started her entrepreneurial path as a wellness consultant in 2011, and when she found coaching she recognized in it the best methodology she needed to follow her dreams. She got her certification as an NLP coach from ALCN in 2014, and since then she dedicated herself to the coaching profession, adding new tools and new levels each year.

This was a transformative journey of a huge personal growth, overcoming fears, uncertainties, and pushing beyond her comfort zone. She acquired many new skills and wisdom during the process. Drawing from her extensive knowledge and experience, she has developed a holistic approach for solving challenges in business and life, that together with her high intuition and ability to create a profoundly empathic and safe space, makes her coaching very powerful for her clients.

Ivet supports corporate leaders, new entrepreneurs, business owners and coaches around the world to overcome challenges in business, leadership and life, foster personal and professional growth, and achieve their inspirations with ease, love and empathy. Additionally, she assists them in creating effective and cohesive teams, and cultivating a positive company culture where people can thrive.

As a parent of a teenager, Ivet understands the value of a well-balanced lifestyle. In her leisure time, she enjoys skiing, hiking, and time with family and friends.

Ivet coaches in English and Bulgarian. 

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