Coaching is a fulfilling and rewarding profession. We asked some of our amazing Academy of Coaching and NLP Coach Training grads “Why did YOU become a coach?” Here are some of the reasons our grads love coaching:

I believe that coaching is our most innate talent and in realizing this competency and associated qualities we are not only are in service of our selves – bringing the best version of ourselves to life and work – but also in service of humanity as a whole. In becoming a coach I am willing to express both my greatest strengths and weakest vulnerability and so am able to witness this in others. In so doing I learn to accept my unashamed wholeness and creative originality. Becoming a coach is for me a self-fulfilling prophecy, a great act of service, and a realization of the human being we were born to become.
Andrew Machon, PhD PCC, Author and Managing Director of Andrew Machon Associates Ltd.

My original intention for wanting to become an NLP Coach was to improve my communication skills. Little did I know how profoundly my life would change as a result of Coach training. Learning so much about myself in this process has helped me to become a better Coach. I’m honored to walk beside my clients as they experience powerful transformations through Coaching.
Janice H Hartman, Certified NLP Coach, Life Coaching for Women, JH Hartman Coaching

I have been drawn to coaching and ACN as a means to satisfy my deep calling to be a catalyst to permanent lasting positive transformation in someone’s life which means I am there to help people realize more of who they truly are.
Kim Von Berg, Relationship and Empowerment Coach and owner of Emphasis On Communication

I always believed people should go for their dreams. I realized many people get stuck and need support. For me coaching is a way to open up doors so that clients really get energized about their life passion, and gets the support they need to make it happen. It is such a joyous and exciting process and a privilege to be a coach.
Jannick Pitot, Owner, Life Coaching Services, Women of the World Coaching

As a coach, I support people who are taking positive action to create the life they desire. What a joy!
Kim Hansen, Professional Coach, New Horizons Life Coaching

It is such a privilege to get to walk for a while with a client, and to be allowed to share in their journey. I learn so much from them, and find my own life inspired and recharged!
Linda O’Heron, Certified NLP Coach, Masters Student at Palo Alto University, Counseling Psychology

I use my creativity to guide clients in finding their passion and help them see how powerful they are. The ability to help individuals become more conscious about their lives and thus able to create and make powerful life transitions is what shapes my life, my success and my coaching practice. I create a space where miracles can occur. I CHANGE LIVES!
Edith Croteau, Consciousness and Mindfulness Coaching for Coaches and Individuals

I love helping people explore themselves in a positive way and make concrete changes that allow them to fully enjoy their lives.
Mindy Kobara-Mates, PhD, Certified NLP Coach, ACC

I became a coach so I could step into a more meaningful existence, contribute to society, and grow into my potential in the process.
Joe Jackson, MS, Life Coach, Performance Coach, Jackson Balance

A satisfying career in coaching starts with training that will help call you forth as a professional coach. Learn more about how to become a coach!

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