file0002128336733In this fast changing world, top level executives are often overworked and under prepared to be effective in their management role. As a leadership coach who trains individuals around the world, I regularly meet individuals, who share these anxieties with me. When I hear their concerns, one of the first questions I ask is “when was the last time you took a retreat?” The response I hear varies from themes of being too busy to the cost of a retreat just not being in the budget. I would argue that if you are too overwhelmed in your position as a leader, you can’t afford to NOT take a leadership retreat.

At Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP (ALCN), we offer a variety of custom designed retreats for leaders. These specialized sessions include executive retreats for three to four leaders who work with a coach to help each person through a variety NLP & coaching exercises. This experience allows them to create new awareness about themselves as a leader, explore personal beliefs about leadership, understand organizational culture and align their mission and vision for the company with clear strategy and timeline. In an effort to help you and your team clarify what you need, our retreats are custom designed for your organization ahead of your retreat to meet those needs.

As a Leadership Coach, I have coached for almost two decades, working with CEO’s and executives from around the globe. I also provide personalized one-on-one retreats in Northern California where I work individually with high level executives, and leaders from corporate, non- profit and political arenas. I believe there is great power in deep coaching work combined with NLP. When this is combined with a natural setting, time for rest and relaxation and reflection it enables leaders to step back and honestly review their role in a safe and confidential space, to uncover areas that block their pathway to success and define a strategy that supports them in bringing their best self forward.

Most of the individuals who I talk about the need for a retreat generally agree that they are a good idea, however, many do not believe that they are an important and necessary part of a leader’s growth and development. After a retreat session, business leaders say they didn’t realize how much they needed this reflective and rejuvenating experience and how much clearer they are in their leadership role.

I tell clients, that a leadership retreat is all about helping executives remove any obstacles that hold them back from being successful in their role. It is a place of solace in which they can simply “BE.” In a time of retreat they do not have the daily stressors pulling at them. This allows them to focus in on working toward becoming the type of leader they desire. And, through the use of NLP coaching we work to clear the pathway to reach that point. It is important to remember that a retreat is not a “miracle drug” that will cure all your downfalls as a leader. Rather, it is a tool to help acknowledge your strengths, uncover any areas of weakness, old beliefs and behaviors that are not serving you and develop a plan towards future growth and success. And, because it is custom designed to you, the work we do ahead of the session helps us make sure you get what you need from our time together.

In essence, a retreat is a time of inner journey work for leaders. The retreat is not the final destination, nor is their current position as a leader, but rather it is an important part of their journey as they discover new and important pathways to be successful. In the end, it is about intentionality. Executives who attend retreats are taking an intentional step to become a stronger, more mindful emotionally intelligent leader.

Helen Attridge is the President of Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP. She is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach, a level of skill and experience shared by only 1 percent of coaches worldwide. For almost two decades Helen has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of professionals globally as a Leadership Coach and International Trainer. In her individual coaching practice she works with leaders from around the world on achieving next-level growth and creating wide-ranging positive change. With a background in program development, Helen specializes in creating customized coach trainings and retreats for executives and leadership teams.

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