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2018 Intensive Coach Certification Training

Feb 28th-March 18th Sedona, Arizona
June 12th – June 30th Bay Area, California


The ALCN Intensive Coach Training Program allows participants to complete full training hours to become ICF Certified at the highest level (ACTP) in just 3 weeks rather than the 6 months to a year that it would take with most ACTP programs of this caliber plus you will receive a year of support once the training is complete!

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Among the many takeaways you’ll gain through our mind/body holistic experiential learning program, designed to put you in touch with the coach within

You Will Take Away:

  • An understanding of international standards, practices, and ethics in the field of coaching.
  • The skills needed to be successful as a coach – from A to Z!
  • Life coaching and executive/corporate coaching approaches along with a straightforward strategy for coaching in both the corporate environment or a one-on-one coaching relationship.
  • Valuable leadership skills to create a powerful coaching culture within a business setting.
  • Questioning techniques to promote discovery, acknowledgement and permission with your clients including the five problem solving questions that support any client in shifting to a more resourceful place.
  • An improved ability to listen as others speak and speak so others will listen at both the automatic and unconscious level.
  • An understanding of “Psycho-Geography” – the hidden parts of communication discovered by NLP, which can make all the difference in a powerful communication.
  • Coaching skills for conflict resolution, even with difficult people and situations.
  • Assessment processes and instruments for coaching, including personality assessments to help clients know and understand how they move through the world.
  • Key coaching concepts such as challenging, requesting and dancing in the moment.
  • Tried-and-true methods modeled from highly successful people for keeping yourself or your clients motivated.
  • Proven methods for marketing and promoting your practice.

And Will Walk Away Knowing How To:

  • Change your own self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching new heights of personal and professional success.
  • Develop an information profile, based on proven methods, to establish a coaching relationship that truly works.
  • Assist others in overcoming mental blocks that limit their success.
  • Help clients manage their emotional states so they can quickly shift from a bad mood to a positive attitude.
  • Give supportive, constructive and honest feedback and advice when needed in a coaching relationship.
  • Reframe setbacks into learning opportunities.
  • Guide clients through a belief change process in coaching to help them change limiting beliefs that govern their behaviors.
  • Help clients align with their personal values.
  • Express yourself more clearly and credibly and learn to better persuade others to see your point of view.
  • Build rapport, mediate and negotiate with anyone.
  • Apply NLP coaching processes to both personal and professional issues in your life.
  • Build a practice using tele-coaching and in-person coaching.

What Others Are Saying

“ Helen is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met! If you want to be a coach and are trying to decide which coaching training to attend, I highly recommend Academy of Coaching Leadership & NLP! This program is phenomenal and brilliantly facilitated. In the 20+ years I have been in Learning & Development, in all the classes I’ve participated in as a student and facilitator, I’ve never experienced a more masterful facilitator than Helen Attridge. She is warm and funny, clear in her direction, and an EXCEPTIONAL master coach. She creates a learning environment that allows for tons of practice and deep learning. Each activity or skill is explained, then demonstrated, and then the students have an opportunity to practice and then fully debrief their experience. This was the greatest learning experience of my life.”

– Jessi Brandt
Learning & Development Manager | Certified Coach & Facilitator

“ My professional coach training experience at the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP was phenomenal and transformative. Helen Attridges’ presence is inspirational and her ability to challenge others from a body, mind, heart, and spirit perspective is powerful. Her program was truly one of the most life changing events in my life. 
The experiential method of learning to be a coach, by coaching, being coached, and observing, gave me the confidence to create a coaching culture in my firm. The ICF structure, core competencies, coaching process, and NLP tools, gave me a system to develop and implement a successful coaching program for key members of my team. The results have been impressive and have added value at both the individual and firm level. 
Coaching has accelerated the progression of professionals being coached through improved performance, enhanced communication techniques and drawing out innovative solutions from within the individual. The firm is reaping the rewards of investment in our people through coaching around leadership skills and driving engagement of our top talent. We are able to serve our clients at the highest level of technical competency and personal touch because we have made the commitment to invest in our people. 
The coaching process looks to the individual for solutions. It builds leadership confidence because it says, “I Trust You” and “I Believe in You”. It is a recipe for building the leaders of the future right now! ”

– Cameron Kauffman
Financial Accountant | Human Resource Leader | Executive Coach

“When I met Helen through a Stanford Business School workshop on NLP and Coaching, I experienced a seasoned facilitator and coach that I knew was ideal for me in my quest to become a coach. Helen’s brilliant expertise in all aspects of coaching is infused with her vitality, humor, and generous heart. The building blocks of the program created a space of empowerment and transformation where I opened and grew in ways I could never have anticipated.”

– Lynne Lombardo
MBA, PCC: Consultant and Coach in Life Leadership

International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved

The Program of the Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP has been approved as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The Approved Coach Specific Training Hours designation is the highest level of credentialing with ICF and is awarded to programs that meet professional standards established by the ICF. Training on all ICF Core Competencies and the ICF Code of Ethics are included.



Duration: 16 days in person plus a valuable e-learning marketing module

Participate in 16 days of in class training.
Demonstrate the ability to use NLP coaching skills and concepts.
Participate in 10 hours of individual mentoring
Pass oral exa


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Helen Attridge

Founder, International Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Certified Coach

When I completed my own coach certification program almost 2 decades ago I never imagined I would be where I am today. My goal has been to support others in living as their best self while enjoying a happy, balanced and fulfilling life. What a journey coaching has been for me both personally and professionally. Coaching and NLP changed me in ways it is hard to describe, it was transformational and life changing. Now a 20 year veteran of the coach training and leadership development field, I see my role is to guide people past inner and outer obstacles to realize dreams of any scale. The only question is, “how far do you want to go?”
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