Foundational CoursesWhat is embodiment? This word is becoming more popular and used in the media quite a bit as a description of someone’s qualities. On one side, it can be explained as simple as this is they way we are, how we feel, make connections and perceive the world. However, the word has a deeper meaning into it. Embodiment embraces the way we experience the world, interact with others, create and move though life. In neuroscience, that means self-perception of your own body. Embodiment is a field of study dedicated to exploring and understanding the subjective experience of the body. What does our posture say about us? The way we move, sit and stand can change the way we think and communicate.

The body does more than carry the brain around- through bodily motion and awareness, we both present and shape ourselves. I believe that leadership is embodied. When we think about influential people, what image comes to mind?
In our summer intensive program, you will learn and practice many tools to be a skillful listener and influential leader. It is all starts first with ourselves and our personal transformation and growth as a coach. Growth requires risk and can be stressful. How do we manage stress? How are we going to support our clients to step into uncertain waters of change?
We will focus on how embodied awareness can allow us as leaders, trainers, coaches and facilitators to have greater integrity and responsibility.

Using a variety of tools and methodologies, the embodiment approach allows us to:
• Expand your embodied awareness and your leadership styles
• Recognize your stress patterns and activate your centered self
• 360 body-mind listening
• Manage your state more effectively and influence others
• Improving body awareness with simple exercises
• Reconnection with our own bodies as we explore the habitual reactions of our body
• Learning techniques to be effective in difficult situations
• Understanding how you experience change within your body
• Using current stressors to understand embodiment strategies

Understanding how embodiment makes us who we are, and discovering tools to move beyond the negative habits that hold us back provides the skills we need for self-growth and discovery. It allows us to develop a new self and set aside the messages that do not serve us. If you would like to learn more about embodiment, feel free to contact the team at ALCN. Or, consider signing up for our ICF certified Summer Intensive Coach Training program.

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