In the second half of life or at retirement age, we’re often in the process of redesigning our lives to make them more meaningful, feel more connection with others, and have more freedom, fun and flexibility. Many of us have been in a profession for a long time while others have had two, three or more careers at this point, which is becoming so much more the norm.

Having been a coach and a coach trainer for many years, I want to offer you some examples of how people have used their previous skills and expertise to create the life they want to wake up to.

In business, I’ve seen successful realtors who are winding down their full time real estate business begin to coach other realtors in order to help them build a successful business. They’ve also been helpful in coaching other realtors to find a way to make Real Estate a good fit and create balance in their life.

In the world of finance, I’ve worked with people who were in finance careers for many years switch to becoming financial coaches. They are great at helping individuals identify what wealth is for them and create an action plan to get there.

Health and wellness: This is a very large, growing field and stated to be one of the top ten professions of the next decade. With all the changes in the health care policy, many health care professionals such as registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physiotherapists and nutritionists are changing professions. As a result, Health and Wellness coaching is a great fit for these professionals. Blending health care experience and training with coaching, the Health and Wellness coach assists and empowers clients to create a healthy identity for themselves.

Relationship Coaching: If you’ve been a great parent or had a successful marriage, your life skills are invaluable. I’ve worked with people who have turned these important skills into a thriving relationships coaching practice where they’re helping people improve the most important relationships in their lives.

In our culture, there’s been a lot of chasing youth instead of cherishing aging. But in coaching, we welcome the expertise we’ve gained throughout our life in our businesses, careers, and relationships. They are our natural skill sets, which I call your unique “superpowers”. Can you envision using your superpowers in your own midlife and retirement to grow, connect, and change your community and the world?

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