10590542_757124617664424_2663444154732698387_nAs a leadership coach, it is my privilege guide leaders around the world as they define their professional and personal objectives and chart their course towards future successes. I am able to guide my clients using powerful NLP coaching techniques to help them uncover the areas in their life that are holding them back.

I often ask my clients the following questions as we begin their journey of self discovery. “Think about your role as a leader. Where are you right now? Where would you like to be? Is there a gap?” As a leadership coach, I work with leaders who tell me that they are feeling unsettled or that there is something blocking their path to future success. Often times, in these situations, the individual has a limiting belief that does not serve them in moving to the next level in their journey.

During these times of personal discovery, it is important for the coach to help the coachee identify the limiting belief and discover why they are still holding onto this way of thinking. I usually start by asking clients “how has holding this belief served you?” Clients are often surprised by the upsides of their limiting beliefs and also on the flipside when they really consider all the ways old limiting beliefs block their pathway to success.

When a client is struggling with a limiting belief, it is my job as their coach to help them exchange these thoughts with empowering beliefs. I share with leaders that these beliefs can be used to replace the stories that no longer serve them about who they are or how they need to show up in the world in an appropriate or positive manner. Empowering beliefs create a new way of thinking and being that help the leader connect with their best self and provides a positive pathway to reach the next level in their goals.

Sometimes when I work through a belief change NLP coaching exercise with a client, they have trouble thinking of new more empowering beliefs. As a coach, it is my job to help guide them by offering questions that support them in creating new ideas and thoughts. These questions might include:

  • What would you like to believe?
  • What could you believe?
  • What’s one belief that would support you in moving forward?
  • If you knew you could not fail, what would you believe about this?
  • What does your heart want to believe?

It is important to remember that there are several other NLP techniques that can be used once these limiting beliefs have been identified and replaced with empowering alternatives. Additionally, it is crucial to identify the client’s commitment to going through the process necessary to move forward. Often these steps can include risks and challenges so it is essential that there is a firm commitment or it will be difficult to move past the current situation and onto a more empowering level.

At the Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP (ALCN), we work with leaders to help them be the very best they can be. We offer one-on-one coaching, group coaching sessions and leadership retreats and have the privilege of going into organizations to train their leaders to understand and utilize NLP coaching techniques as they work with their own team members. Please contact our team for more information.


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