As I transitioned into coaching, I realized I wanted to work in my home office, completely on the phone so that I could live and work anywhere in the world that I traveled to or happened to be in that month. Before I was a coach, I always tried to balance my love of travel with my need to make a living, and that was difficult to do with a 9-5 career. Even though I loved my 9-5 career, there wasn’t enough time to do what I really loved such as going biking, hiking, traveling or just hanging out with friends.

In the beginning, I asked what do I really want? I started coaching two days a week and kept my job three days a week. I moved to the country and took bike rides and hikes in the middle of the day. When friends came into town, I could take some days off to spend time with them. As I built my coaching and training practice, I’ve changed my schedule many times from two days a week to three mornings a week, taking a month off in the summer and a month off in the winter. When I’m not coaching, I travel, go to the gym, spend time in nature, take classes to expand my coaching skills, and market and develop my business.

Coaching From Your Sofa, Your Garden, or Your Office

It’s also great to work from home and not have to commute to work. I coach clients by phone on my back porch or in the garden, and I get to enjoy the nature around me. Some of my clients ask if I have a bird tape on as I’m coaching them, and I tell them I’m out in my garden and it’s the sound of real birds!

That ability to really create your own work schedule allows you to model that life balance to your coaching clients, which is very powerful. I’m able to model this lifestyle to my clients and see that my work in the world is making a difference at that same time–how cool is that?

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