Training Curriculum

Full Breakdown of All Five Modules

Module 1: Introduction to NLP Coaching and ICF’s Core Competencies

Learn how to create a coaching contract and design a coaching partnership that sets the stage for change..Understand how to work with coachees on a weekly and monthly basis to move them towards the results they want. Discover how the ICF core competencies create a simple model for developing a coaching culture.

  • Overview of NLP Coach Program
  • Roots of Coaching
  • What Is (and Isn’t) Coaching
  • The difference between coaching, therapy, consulting
  • The ICF Pledge of Ethics
  • ICF Description of Coaching
  • ICF Model for Coaching with Core Competencies
  • Building Rapport/Establishing Trust and Intimacy with Your Client
  • Common Ways Communication Gets Blocked
  • Establishing Trust & Intimacy with your Client Through Rapport
  • Backtrack Skills
  • Using Language to Backtrack Content
  • Simple Coaching Skills that Build Rapport
  • Three Levels of Listening
  • The Life Balance Wheel and Leadership Wheel
  • Questions to Explore the Wheel
  • What is a Chemistry Session
  • Preparation for Chemistry Session
  • Powerful Questions
  • Mastering Powerful Questions
  • The Introductory Session
  • Create the Coaching Agreement
  • The Reticular Activating System
  • Well Formed Outcomes
  • Intake Script
  • The Safety / Risk Continuum
  • Safety vs. Risk Challenge
  • Important Coach Reflections
  • Building and Deepening Rapport with Your Clients

Module 2: Adding NLP to Your Coaching Tool Belt

Introduction to powerful NLP ideas and assumptions. Learn how to apply NLP coaching skills and techniques to a coaching context. Discover how to use simple NLP coaching techniques to help coachees shift they way they think and feel. Understand how NLP helps create new pathways in the brain, allowing the coachee to design and create the life they want.

  • What is NLP?
  • The Four Pillars of NLP
  • Major Presuppositions of NLP
  • NLP Presupposition Coaching Exercise
  • NLP Exercise to Access Powerful States
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Precision Model Questions
  • Magnet Visualization to Clear
  • Visualization Work with Clients
  • Multiple Modalities
  • Meta-Programs
  • Perceptual Positions
  • New Behavior Generator Strategy
  • Framing
  • Preframe
  • “As If” Frame
  • Transformational Vocabulary
  • Transformational Vocabulary Examples
  • Accessing Mentors

Module 3: The Art & Craft of Coaching

• Learn to understand coachees at a deeper level and support change over time.
• Understand how daily choices can affect their lives.
• Discover how to blend NLP with the ICF coaching model.

  • Coach as Sponsor for Clients
  • Learning Steps
  • Setting up the Coaching Relationship / Contract
  • ICF Coaching Model
  • Coaching Relationship / Contract
  • Halfway Review
  • NLP Coaching Model
  • Ethics in Coaching
  • ICF Model for Coaching with Core Competencies
  • Coaching Steps to Client’s Success
  • Universal Cycle of Change
  • Life Areas
  • Emotional States and Behaviors
  • 4 Levels of Consciousness
  • NLP Coaching Exercise Using 4 Levels of Consciousness
  • The Six Human Needs
  • The Six Human Needs Worksheet
  • The Art of Coaching
  • Craft of Coaching
  • Coaching Skills List
  • Voicing Intuition
  • Inquiry
  • Metaphors for Development
  • Inner Alignment Client Work

Module 4: Advanced NLP Coaching Techniques

Explore limiting beliefs and discover how the story a coachee tells themselves might be blocking them from creating the life they want. Learn advanced NLP coaching techniques to support a shifting belief and identity level. Discover how to apply simple and powerful NLP coaching techniques in a variety of different coaching environments. Draw your coaching journey to a close review where you started, where you are currently and what is next.

  • The stories we tell ourselves
  • What are Beliefs?
  • Eliciting Beliefs
  • Exploring Limiting Beliefs
  • Belief Clusters
  • Creating Empowering Beliefs
  • Empowering Beliefs Map
  • Belief Change Process
  • Worksheet for Belief Change
  • Getting Clear About Criteria
  • Conflict Integration
  • Walt Disney Strategy
  • Belief Self-Assessment
  • Belief Mapping
  • The Big Dream
  • Modeling
  • Creating a Compelling Future

Module 5: Creating Change

Create a vision for the next stage in your personal and professional journey. Online material to work through at your own pace. Identifying your unique plan to move forward and discover how to market yourself to the ideal client.

  • Create a Marketing Plan
  • Living and Leading in Alignment Assessment Form
  • The Change Formula
  • Building a Coaching Practice
  • Defining your Niche
  • Marketing: website, social media, speaking, blogging
  • First Steps
  • Thinking of yourself as a product
  • Elevator speech and networking
  • Building a support system for yourself
  • Sales Conversation and your offering
  • Marketing Tips
  • Self-Management
  • Manage the Size of Your Practice
  • The Ongoing Coaching Journey
  • Filling the Pipeline
  • Your Hero’s Journey
  • Moving your vision to action

“The training is very well organized—it gradually reveals the whole coaching process in a way that was easy to understand and remember. You come to understand at both the granular and the big-picture level how to build a coaching relationship. When you finish the training, you’re ready to coach successfully. What’s more, you learn how to market yourself, which is especially useful for beginners in the field. For me this training was an experience beyond all belief! It was really transformational for me as a person and as a professional in the coaching field. I strongly recommend Helen as a trainer, a coach and a person and could not recommend this program more.”

– Ivet Pavlova
Life Coach, Bulgaria

Program Features

  1. An information packed workbook from the training to use in class and in your coaching work when you return home.
  2. A disk of all coaching forms we use for you to adapt and make your own
  3. The training program is designed to facilitate long–term learning, 17 days is a lot of training and there’s a lot of material to master. Our easy schedule allows you to integrate coaching and NLP into your daily life. And our Intensive format allows you to experience first hand how coaching transforms clients lives. The personal and professional changes that you and your classmates will have as you immerse yourself fully in the coach training process is evidence of the transformation that occurs through coaching relationships.
  4. Personal attention and support from our hand–chosen team of teaching assistants, all graduates of ALCN’s Coach Certification Program.
  5. Lots of practice sessions. Your full participation as coach and client ensures that you integrate the skills you are learning; in fact, it guarantees that you master them.
  6. Stay on campus and receive great rates on food and board while building global community.