Before I get up, I lie in bed and look at my wall directly in front of me where there’s a painting of a Hawaiian woman with her hands together in Namaste, reminding me to give thanks for everything in my life. I come out and read a daily quote from my daily meditation book, a daily quote book. Then I listen to some inspirational music by Karen Drucker, cd songs for the spirit. Karen Drucker

While I drink my morning coffee I write in my Miracle Manifestation Manual. The process starts by saying, “Today is a clean slate for me to enjoy. As long as I can choose my thoughts I can choose what I attract and create in my life.” And then you set intention for your day.

Beginning with Gratitude

You start with all the things you’re grateful for. So today I’m sitting on my sofa looking at the sun coming through the pine trees and I write, “I’m grateful for my beautiful new home and that the snow is gone, the sun is shining. I’m grateful for the work I get to do, here in my home office and that I get to go to teach all over the world and meet so many interesting people.”

Setting Intention

The next step to setting intention is that you start playing wildly in your imagination and picture yourself in the realm of your wildest dreams, imagining them as if it were already so. So you write down all the things you really want to bring into your life. Whether it’s in relationships, health, business, friends, healing–you just write about it.

Some of the things I wrote today are: “I love my life. I’m one of the happiest, healthiest, most prosperous people I know. That gives me the ability to share my gifts in the world and spread goodwill wherever I go. I attract wonderful opportunities wherever I go that support me emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually to grow and develop. I attract the right people to me to support me in that growth. My work is also attracting the right people to support them and their growth and support the changes they want to make. There will be exactly the right people in the training room this summer.”

Hiring My Higher Power

The next step is to hire your Higher Power, whatever that Higher Power is to you. “I invite the assistance from the loving power of all life that dwells within me and all life everywhere.” So you write whatever that Higher Power is for you—“Dear spirit, or universal energy, or universe, dear God: Thank you for your perfect guidance, your unconditional love and ongoing support. If it is in the highest good for me and all life everywhere, please divinely orchestrate the following for me in perfect time.

And then you list your requests of what you need help from spirit with. So today I wrote:

Please inspire me to be my best self.
Guide me to the right people to support me.
Send the right people to the summer intensive that they may learn and share their work in the world
Help me to develop and grow as I’m supposed to.

You then release anything that’s blocking you—fear, procrastination, self doubt, behavior patterns, you just hand them over. You commit to let go of them that day.

You have an opportunity to ask the wise part within you a question and then write down what answers you receive (a very powerful process).

Lastly you state out loud, “With enormous gratitude I agree to accept these and even greater blessings in perfect time that benefit me and all life everywhere.”

And declare with conviction, “I am an irresistible magnet for love, money, miracles, and more. It’s just the story of my life.”

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