When people come to the life coach training seminars, they think they are there to learn the skills to help others. It’s so great to see them as they begin the process of looking at their lives—their values, their behaviors, their dreams, their own life—and then how they want their lives to be. You can just see the way the faces of these students change as they experience the coaching process themselves, as well as learning it. Then they begin to take those powerful changes into the lives of their loved ones and their children, and they open up their kids to the possibilities and potential in their lives–and you see them really understanding their kids and connecting with them.

It’s always great to get emails back from some of our managers or business executives who started off business coach training thinking that perhaps their employees were difficult or challenging. Then, after these executives and business managers go through the coach training, they start to create a different relationship with their employees. And they are able to do this because they have changed themselves. They realize “I haven’t been the best me, so I’m completing this training and going forward with a commitment to change my behaviors and create a different work environment for myself and others.”

Changing Others Starts with Yourself

When you start your coach training, you’re usually going to be focused on: how am I going to work with my clients? You want to be a great coach who’s going to be working with people, supporting them to be happier, more prosperous, and have more freedom or flexibility in their lives.

Then, when you start the process of the coach training, you realize the first question is: how am I going to work with myself? How are you going to give that coaching experience to yourself?
In other words, you start the coach training by experiencing what it’s like to be coached yourself. Using this experience, you learn what it’s like to change through the coaching experience, and that’s the powerful secret to becoming a great coach yourself.

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