Academy-of-Leadership-Coaching-and-NLPThe effects of the unstable worldwide economy have been staggering on people on both a professional and personal front. After the recession, many people were left looking for answers regarding next steps in both life and career goals. The affects of the worldwide economic crisis not only spurred a desire to seek expert insight when faced with difficult decisions or looking for a fresh perspective, it also led many individuals to consider a change in their own career path as they sought out a vocation that might be more enriching or meaningful.

With the global economic crisis as the catalyst for change, coaching has seen a boom not only in the number of individuals and businesses seeking the services of a professional coach, but also in the meteoric growth rate of the coaching industry as a whole. In a 2012 global coaching study conducted by the International Coaching Federation – over three quarters (76%) of coaches participating in the study (5,415 coaches living in 73 different countries) suggested that they expected to see an increase in clients and revenue in the coming year. Additionally, that same study noted that there were around 47,500 coaches worldwide with annual revenue of $2 billion.

As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and an ICF Certified Coach Trainer, these statistics are very encouraging. However, as impressive as these figures are, individuals considering the field of coaching as a prospective career choice or a career change may ask “but why should I consider a becoming a coach?”

With that in mind, here are additional reasons to looking into coaching as a career choice.

  1. Coaching allows you to work with exceptional people – Individuals who are seeking guidance from an executive coach are generally individuals who are seeking to improve and get the most out of their career and life. Coaching allows you to work with this type of person on a regular basis and be a part of their success story.
  2. You are called to help with important issues – Coaches are generally asked to help people achieve goals. As a leadership coach you are on the front lines in assisting top level executives in breaking through the barriers that might have them stuck. Additionally you are a key influencer in helping them create a strategy to achieve the performance gains they are seeking.
  3. Coaches impact lives – Professionals call upon coaches when they are in a position to make a change. Because of this, you have the opportunity, every time you meet with a client to impact their lives as they move towards their goals and objectives. Additionally, you are able to help them uncover thoughts and ideas that might be blocking their forward movement as they embrace these life and career changes.
  4. Coaches enjoy work flexibility As a coach, you set your hours – do you want to work full-time or part-time. Do you want to work from home? Do you want to work with clients on a global scale? Coaching (and modern technology) allows you to create the schedule and work environment that fits your requirements.
  5. Create new opportunities – As a coach grows in their area of expertise, they can become a resource for a variety of other opportunities. Some areas of interest might include – writing, developing educational programs’, training and even motivational speaking. As a coach, there are many opportunities to expand and develop your career into an occupation that fits your personal and professional goals and objectives.

Still wondering how becoming a coach can benefit you? Read what Corporate Coach Elena Nagorskaya, from Russia has to say about the impact becoming a coach has made in her life:

“I grew up in Siberia and have travelled studied and worked in many different countries around the world and have degrees in Psychology and Linguistics. I was drawn to ALCN because of its global perspective, as well as being intrigued by the combination of NLP and coaching. My Summer Intensive Coaching Certification Class had students from around the world, many who have now become close friends and colleagues. The support from my classmates and from ALCN’s global coaching & mentoring program has been incredible. Currently I am working from my home in Russia and on vacations in Thailand with clients from around the world. Last week, I had a corporate coaching client in Australia, clients though out Russia, a coaching session in German with a coach who lives in Barcelona and spoke with my mentor coach in California. My dream of being an international coach is becoming a reality”

If you would like more information about the benefits of a coaching career, or would like to learn more about obtaining ICF Credentialing through our intensive coach training program, please feel free to contact us at the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP.

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