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A new year is a great time to examine past decisions and decide if they provide a course that will best serve your future goals. As I work with my leadership coaching clients, this is often a topic we discuss as they are feeling blocked in their efforts to move forward. Many times, they are completely unaware of a behavior or habit that is inhibiting growth and change.

One of the most essential processes of change is that of moving from a dream or vision to action. Working with NLP strategies helps coachees develop a creativity strategy, organized around the process of moving from vision to action, called The New Behavior Generator.

This coaching tool is an excellent strategy that can be applied to almost any situation that requires the coachee to exhibit personal flexibility. The basic steps require the participant to form a visual image of a desired behavior, kinesthetically associate the image on a feeling level and verbalize any missing or needed elements to help them move towards that dream.

The purpose of this leadership coaching tool is to help the coachee run through a mental “dress rehearsal” of sorts. Because the exercise causes the individual to generate imaginary scenarios it helps to bring them towards concrete actions by connecting the images to the kinesthetic representational system.

The strategy is based on several key beliefs:

  • How new behaviors are formed – People learn new behaviors by creating new mental maps in their brains.
  • The importance of the detail in the visualization –The more complete the mental maps, the more likely the coachee will achieve the new behavior that is desired.
  • The key focus is important – Focusing on the end goal is the quickest way to achieve new behaviors.
  • The tools to create new behaviors are already in place – People already have the mental resources they need to achieve new behaviors. Success is a function of accessing and organizing what is already available to the coachee.

New Behavior Generator Process

  1. Identification – Determine a behavior you would like in order to gain a particular outcome.
  2. Define outcomes – Make sure it is a well-formed outcome, especially that it states, in positive terms, and requires the coachee to determine objections (ecology check).
  3. Create a dissociated movie of the desired behavior – Take time to visualize yourself or another person doing the desired behavior. Edit the movie in your mind until it fits your expectations. If the movie is of someone else, visualize yourself doing the behavior.
  4. Create a kinesthetic reference by associating into the movie – The key is to focus on your physiology. How does your body feel doing the behavior? For instance, what is your posture like when talking to someone confidently and easily? How are your neck and shoulders placed?
  5. Create a Future Space in order to test in a real life situation – You need to be convinced consciously that you have learned a new behavior.

Creating new behaviors is a beneficial activity for leaders who are hoping to achieve new and exciting outcomes in the coming year. At ALCN & NLP, we work with leaders across the globe to help them attain desired goals and dreams. Would you like help in that area? Feel free to contact us for more information!

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