jeff HutchensonOne of my greatest joys as a International Coach and Trainer is working with business professionals and leaders as they embrace NLP coaching techniques and bring them into their own business practices. Sometimes I am able to go into businesses and work directly with top level executives, while other times it is in the context of the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP’s, trainings which draws professionals from around the world for our three week ICF Certified Coach Training (our next program starts this July) at Dominican University of California – there is still time to register and join other students from around the world.

It is encouraging to work with leaders and coaches as they are developing their coaching skills and even more rewarding to hear about their successes as they grow in their understanding and begin to implement the NLP coaching skills in their career and lives. Once such individual, Jeff Hutcheson, notes that the NLP tools he learned during his Summer Intensive Coach Training Program have transformed his life and have opened his mind to new possibilities as he uses the techniques in his role as Presbytery Pastor for Mission and Vision for the Presbytery of San Francisco, where he supports 75 churches in the Bay Area. One thing in particular that Jeff notes is how his coaching training has helped rethink cultural conversation away from finger pointing and more towards uncovering new ways of thinking. He puts it this way:

“One ripple of change that I am personally spreading is the belief that we humans (and organizations) are creative, resourceful and whole. Signs of that would be a shift in our cultural conversations away from what’s wrong, or who’s to blame, and more toward what we have learned, what is possible, and next steps.”

 In a past blog post, we addressed the importance of adopting a coaching culture within an organization. The post discussed how a positive coaching culture starts at the top and ripples down through the organization to all levels. As Jeff notes, infusing this cultural mindset through all areas of leadership moves the internal conversation away from who caused a problem or issue towards the solutions can be discovered and the new opportunities the situation presents.

By shifting the cultural conversation in this way, it allows team members to see the potential lessons in a way that helps them to grow as employees. Additionally a change in the cultural conversation encourages individuals to engage in safe dialogue where they feel free to share their candid concerns, ideas and points-of-view in a respectful manner. This type of cultural conversation makes all employees feel part of the process and viewed as a valued partner.

The use of NLP coaching techniques offer an incredible opportunity to shift the culture of an organization, expand the mind to embrace ideas that might once have been deemed unrealistic and open pathways of communication for greater understanding among individuals. Jeff’s story and the stories of countless other coaching training graduates speak to the powerful results of this coaching modality and can be found in our eBook “Coaching Success Stories.” For more information about NLP coach training or ALCN’s Summer Intensive Coach Training Program, please feel free to contact us.


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