Setting your Reticular Activating System to Create your Desired Outcome
RAS brainWhen coaching others to achieve a goal, it is important to help them get really clear on what they want. Creating a well-formed outcome can help set the Reticular Activation System (RAS).

Answering the below questions helps the client get a clear visual, auditory and kinesthetic sense of what they really want. With this knowledge both coach and client can align their focus, clear any obstacles that have blocked client in the past, and create steps toward a very clear and specific outcome for the client’s personal or professional goals.

  • Outcome: What do you really want?
  • How will you know if you have achieved it? What will you see, hear or feel?
  • Where, when, with whom do you want it?
  • What are the consequences: Positive and Negative
  • What has stopped you from achieving your outcome?
  • What will achieving your outcome do for you?
  • What are you already doing to move toward your outcome?
  • What qualities, skills, or states do you need to reach your outcome?

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