A Holistic Journey

ALCN: Where Professional Development Goes Hand in Hand with Personal Growth

Many ALCN students choose to attend the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP Winter and Summer Intensives because the thought of getting 6 months’ worth of leadership coach training in just 3 weeks is incredibly appealing to busy professionals. Those students always leave at the end of their training with much more than they expected.

Future coaches, executives and leaders come to us because they’re looking for an exceptional, international leadership coach training experience. We offer that, and more, through classes taught by seasoned professionals in a nurturing and inspiring setting. Our teaching assistants and students come from all over the world and the class materials and examples reflect the many cultures that come together in our unique environment.

In just 3 weeks, students complete full training hours to become ICF Certified at the highest level (ACTP), form tight bonds with their intensive class cohort and instructors, and gain invaluable skills that come into use time and time again no matter where their coach journey eventually takes them.

During the ALCN Summer and Winter Intensives, as students learn valuable coaching tools and lessons, they’re also changing on a deep personal level.

Our mind/body holistic approach to coaching pairs classroom learning with daily meditation practices, embodiment exercises, yoga and other physical activities to take attendees out of their heads and place them into their hearts and bodies. Through unique and proprietary techniques, we help our students discover hidden coaching gifts they didn’t even know they had while, at the same time, introducing them to aspects of themselves they didn’t know lay dormant.

People with leave with heightened emotional intelligence, are more self-aware and have a greater understanding of their own emotions and the emotions of those around them. Leaders who are tuned in to the people around them are better able to manage relationships, navigate social situations, and influence and inspire others. Recognizing your own emotions as they happen also makes it easier to make better decisions, communicate more effectively, and successfully resolve conflicts when they arise.

The coaching intensive is a highly experiential journey of self-discovery. It will challenge your current way of thinking and help you find your true source of effectiveness and sense of purpose. By building on your strengths and discovering new sources of capability, you will learn how to create a greater sense of purpose and direction. Our training approach empowers coaches to become a powerful positive force in their organization, their businesses and their life. The residential format allows for an immersive program experience and offers a fresh new perspective to guide you onto the next chapter of your leadership journey.

Over our many years training leadership coaches, life coaches and business coaches, we have encountered countless people who are professionally successful and feeling disconnected on a personal level or deeply unhappy with certain areas of their life. It inspired us to create an unparalleled program that helps people unlock their professional potential at the same time as they uncover what makes them feel fulfilled and satisfied with their lives.

The result? Incredibly successful leadership coaches who greet each day with enthusiasm and confidence.

Who should attend:

Executives, coaches, seasoned professionals from the private, public and non-profit sector who recognize that coaching and breakthroughs in career and personal effectiveness are discovered by examining, beliefs, patterns and drivers of their own leadership behaviors and by developing an awareness of the unlimited possibilities that can arise from that exploration.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Winter Intensive 2018
Sedona Mago Retreat, Arizona
Feb 28 – March 18

Summer Intensive 2018
Sonoma State University, California
June 12 – June 30