Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP Graduate LetterWe’d like to share our gratitude for a letter we received from a Business Strategist and Coach who attended The Summer Intensive International Coach Training programming 2011. Letters like this reinforce to us how the NLP program is allowing us to create ripples of change through our students, and we love hearing how they are impacting their client’s lives from this work too.

Dear Helen and all,

So, you want to know what I got from the training:
I arrived with no expectations.
I came with a high level of curiosity and skepticism.
I didn’t quite know what I was getting into.
The first few days got me intrigued.
The class got me interested.
NLP got the scientist in me awakened.
I was ready for academic lecturing and calculations.
I was ready for more mental analysis.
I was dreading homework assignments.
What I got?
A safe place.
Your relentless energy and enthusiasm.
An roomful of warm, loving, and sharing human beings with open hearts, full of compassion and love.
It felt good to also open my heart for what was at hand.
I embraced it.
I enjoyed it.
On the last week you asked for my big dream.
I am not really a dreamer, you see.
I am an analyst, strategist and mostly, a realist.
Before this, big dreams had many “limiting beliefs” for me.
I don’t even think of big dreams.
As we came to a close, I was still lacking the big dream.
I thought I flunked the class!
But on the last day….
I looked around.
And there it was.
The great part….it is not a dream.
It is for real!
We were holding hands in a circle.
The room was filled with sincerity, love and trust.
The very best part……I get to live my dream, right now.

Thank you and Thanks to all!


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