One of the biggest surprises I truly wasn’t expecting when I started my own journey as a coach was how the skills I was learning were going to impact my own life and then ripple out into the lives of my loved ones and business clients. It was amazing how the coach training would shape and change my values and vision, opening up my life to a much, much bigger vision of what was possible.

Although I had always been the kind of person who thought, “If I have a dream, I’m going to make it come true,” the life coach training took this to a whole other level: “Wow, if you’re going to dream, dream big, girl! The bigger the better! Don’t limit yourself, go for it—bring it on!”

Turning Goals Into Action

At the time, my husband and I were living in a rental apartment in the Bay Area and were wondering how we were going to get into the market for a house. As I brought home the new life coach skills I was learning in my training, we sat down and began to dream. We realized we wanted to create financial freedom and also travel a few months out of the year. Together, we kept exploring: what would our life look like, what would our community look like?

From this process, I realized I wanted to live in the country, and he realized he wanted to shift from being a contractor to building spec homes in an up and coming area. We put our dream plan into action steps and started to move forward on the plan—all of it took shape much faster because we had become really clear about what we wanted.

The First Ripples of Change

My friends really took notice of our changes both personally and professionally and told us how inspiring we were— so as I went through life coach training, I began modeling the process of living my dreams to the people around me. Then I noticed how my relationship with my friends’ children, my nephews, and the younger people in my life began to shift, too. When I talked to them, it was all about the potential and opportunities that lay ahead for them and about creating a vision for their life.
Becoming a life coach will change your own life and the lives of the friends and family around you. What’s your big dream? Whose life will you impact? And if you’re already on the path to becoming a life coach, what are the changes you are already seeing?

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