Your dream can happen a lot sooner than you might originally think. For example, I was doing a coach training in China and there was a young woman in a corporate job. She was looking at her timeline to leave corporate life, and she was thinking it would take her ten years to be able to financially leave her current position and begin to create the career in life and business coaching that for she wanted for herself.

And I said, “Wow, Why ten years? What about if it was five? What about if it was two? What would your wildest dreams be in five years or two years?”

She said, “I’ve never thought about my wildest dreams before, I have so many obligations.”

The Power within You

By the end of the coach training, she quit her job and now has an online coaching company, coaching people in Australia, Asia, and the USA, and has completely left her corporate job. And here’s the great thing: when she told her company she was quitting, they offered her a sabbatical. So as she was making a leap, there turned out to be a safety net.

The quickness of the transition surprised her. She didn’t really expect it. It just wasn’t in the plan. She wasn’t going to leave her corporate life in Shanghai when she started out. Then she realized that she loved coaching and had fun networking all over the world. She realized she didn’t want to stay in her corporate job and yet didn’t want to fly by the seat of her pants. When she was able to clearly see this, she stated: “Who am I kidding? I’ve always flown by the seat of my pants. And I’m ready to do that again!”

Here’s the testimonial from that student:

“I have always had the desire to break free of the corporate life but courage didn’t come with it.
After 10 years of climbing the corporate ladder, one day Boredom hit me, and I was left with thinking: What am I going to do with the rest of my life?
I completed the NLP Coach program and the spark inside of me was lit again. I quit my job and six months later, I’ve become a communications advisor, personal stylist, and life & business coach to companies and individuals across Australia, Asia and Americas.
If you’re looking at somehow transforming your life into what you’ve always wanted, but don’t know where or how to begin, try coaching. It will help you reignite the “spark” and motivate you to achieve what you thought was impossible. It did for me!”

Natalie Lowe
COMM&D – Communicate & Dare to be Different

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