One of our coach trainers at the Academy of Coaching and NLP, Jan Elfine, trains coaches internationally on a monthly basis. She coaches clients one day a week, on Tuesdays between 10-6, and that leaves her free to develop new programs, to develop new products, and to travel to the places where she’s training.

Another ACN coach trainer, Kate Miller, is an executive coach who works with several corporations. She flies into different corporate offices and meets with her clients once every other month in person, then works with them via phone in between.

A business coach I know coaches clients on Tuesdays and Wednesday, 10-4, and the rest of the week he’s focused on developing training material and teleclasses, networking, and doing articles. He spends two days a week on coaching and two days marketing and takes three days off a week.

One of my favorite examples of a coach who really made her business her own, is a mom I trained in Shanghai. She followed her husband to Shanghai after his company relocated him. She’s very social and saw that a lot of the wives and moms who were moving to China to support their husbands’ careers were experiencing a lot of isolation. So she decided to become a coach and create a support group to bring other mothers together. She also designed a one-on-one coach practice with moms who were in this community to support them in creating their new life in Shanghai. Her daily schedule is designed totally around her son’s schedule. ACN: China Program

These are just a few of the many options available to get you thinking about what would work best for you. The great thing about the coaching profession is that you get to set your schedule and your environment. You get to decide who you want to work with. You get to market yourself in the way that draws on your strengths.

So what would your dream work schedule be? Whose life would you most like to impact through sharing your coaching skills? What environment would most support and nurture your lifestyle?

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