Having been training for about four years and going to train both life and business coaches in China and Mexico, I was very much enjoying the lifestyle of making my home in the country, coaching my one-on-one clients, and training and mentoring coaches around the world via phone and webinar. Training internationally, which includes having my presentations translated sentence by sentence, and learning how to teach and coach effectively across cultures were definitely on a whole new level I had not thought about when I left my coach training a decade before.

Then last April, my dear friends Kris and Tim Hallbom from the NLP Institute again took me out to dinner. They shared with me their strong desire to follow their true passion and focus their energy on NLP hypnosis and their new program Dynamic spin release. They had decided they weren’t going to do the coach training part of their business anymore.

I will always remember their next sentence, “We’ve decided to give the coach training part of the program to you—because if anyone could make it successful, it would be you, you are so passionate about coaching and it is your area of expertise.”

I remember at the time being quite shocked and saying, “Whoa. Okay! This is big. I need to think about this. . .”

Saying Yes

I came away needing to really think about it, and realizing that though they wanted me to say yes, I needed to take the time and reflect on what this choice really meant to me. It was a process of asking myself, “If I say yes to this, what am I really saying yes to? And what will saying this yes give me? And what do I need to say no to, to enable me to fully say yes?” (I’m still in this process, more on that later ☺)

Using my coaching skills on myself and also having many friends now who are coaches coach me, I started coming to the realization that being the CEO of the coach training program was a whole other level of opportunity to grow and stretch into. Tim and Kris’s offer was yet another opportunity, inviting me to the next level of growth and learning.

I felt somewhat intimidated by taking on this company and the responsibility of it, as well as knowing my lifestyle would change dramatically for a certain period of time. And on the other hand, I could also see the opportunity at a spiritual level and a chance to really make a difference in the world through coaching. I saw I could get to unleash my creative self and create and design a whole new brand for the company. I envisioned it as a new way of supporting new coaches to really take their gifts forth into the world and be successful. All of these opportunities really felt energizing and exciting to me.

So once I got through the fear to the excitement, I was able to say, “Yes!” And when I got into the excitement level, I realized the potential to make a difference in so many ways. I began to attract many opportunities on all levels from coaching doctors in China and training executives from around the world. I also see the chance of developing and sponsoring all kinds of programs that support ongoing growth of coaches internationally and many ways to make a huge difference in the coaching community globally.

Living My Dream and Inspiring Yours

In going from fear to excitement and at this point, the fear isn’t gone completely. I do recognize through my strong belief in myself that I can make this work. The transition really happened when I stopped thinking about what this opportunity would take away from me to what it would add to my life. I really see it as the ability to make a difference in the world, to inspire people, to come into contact with a lot of new cool people, to support them and be supported by them, and to create a structure that provides new coaches with what they need to be successful in the world.

Sometimes the fear still comes up, and when it’s here, I affirm to myself, “I can totally make this work.” When I think or friends say, “What have you taken on?” and “This is big,” I find myself answering, “I know it’s big and I know it’s going to work. It might not always unfold the way I thought it would, but I know deep within me that I’m going to be able to make it work in a way that supports me and others.”

Ever since I’ve been through coach training, this is a major part of my internal language or dialogue and my perspective, the lens in which I view my life. Even when I was going through my divorce, I would envision myself in five years: my future self on the beach somewhere, celebrating with friends and a good bottle of champagne. As I saw my future self, I saw how grateful she was that all of this happened exactly how it did. How much she grew and learned through the experience. How much she created even more of what she wanted in her life.

Creating Your New Life

Whenever you have challenges, remember your vision and what it will give you to really step into this. Flood yourself with memories of all the things in life you have already created and see yourself stepping into the future with that strong belief in your self.

For me, I envision the classroom being filled with students who are excited, open, willing and ready to learn. I see how they will create personal and professional lives they love so they may make their own unique ripples of change in the world.
I encourage you to play, as I do, in the potential of wildest dreams, your highest vision for your life, and best possible outcomes for you and those you love. And affirm to yourself, “I can totally make this work!”

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