An Interview with a Summer Intensive Graduate – Part 1

Jorge 2Coaching is becoming a hot button term in helping individuals be successful in today’s competitive business climate. Professionals are beginning to embrace the importance of adopting a coaching culture in helping them be more successful in their professional roles. At the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP (ALCN), we are honored to help professionals to reach their full potential through coach training. Sometimes this training is within organizations, helping the leadership team understand and embrace the role of coaching within a business environment. Other times, we work with individuals who seek to become a leader in the professional coaching field.

One of the tools we use to equip individuals to utilize coaching, whether it is in the role of a leadership coach or as an executive who is working to create a coaching culture within their organization, is through our Intensive Coach Training Programs. Coach training helps students to embrace specific coaching modalities and use them to reach their professional goals. We love to hear how are graduates are doing after these programs integrating the coach training and the intensive coaching experience into their lives.

Below is a part one of an interview we recently conducted with Jorge Carulla, Executive Coach and President of Shakeup, and an international coaching student, who attended our 2014 Summer Intensive coach training program. We hope you will find his story encouraging as you discover the importance of embracing a coaching culture within your organization, or to enhance your skills as a leadership coach.

ALCN: When did you attend the Summer Intensive program? What were your goals at that time?

JC: I attended the Summer Intensive Program in July 2014, last summer. My goals at that time were to gain clear vision about my next steps and my priorities as a coach and leader. I had already made many important decisions before arriving to the Summer Intensive Coach Training program. One big change was my decision to leave my job as Managing Director for Travelzoo (Nasdaq: TZOO) in France and Spain to attend the training. I also created my own company, Shakeup. I was looking to this coach training program to provide some “fresh air” and help me open my eyes to new opportunities.

ALCN: Why did you feel the Summer Intensive Coach Training was an important tool to help you move to the next level in your career?

JC: It was very important for me, because for the first time say in my life I dedicated time to me, and to think and get clear about what I really wanted. I actually went to the Summer Intensive to get some ideas and initiatives for my new business.  What I received was so much more than that. Every day, in addition to learning how to help business people and their companies consider the way they think and react to situations, I actively learned how to be a coach and implement coaching techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This helped me better understand about my own life, wants and needs.

ALCN: What was the most impactful piece of this experience for you personally?

JC: For me it was the discovery that most people have exactly the same needs, problems, fears and other concerns no matter where they are located globally. These needs are regardless of the country, race, religion, and they are what drive us every day. They are what we really need to focus on. Understanding this at a deep experiential level has expanded my confidence in working globally. The Summer Intensive 2014 class had students from 23 nationalities, with very different backgrounds, working and life experiences. But, regardless of this, we ended up being an incredible team.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog series, where Jorge provides input on how the Summer Intensive Coach Training Program helped him in his new business venture, Shakeup where he working with executives and leaders internationally. For more information on ALCN, leadership coaching or the Summer Intensive Coach Training Program, please feel free to contact us.


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