An Interview with a Summer Intensive Graduate

Jorge 2In our first blog in this series regarding how coaching helps global businesses embrace a coaching culture, we provided input from an recent interview with Jorge Carulla, Executive Coach and President of Shakeup, and an international coaching student, who attended our 2014 Summer Intensive coach training program. Jorge provided input on why he chose to attend ALCN’s ICF certified coach training program and how it helped him move to the next level personally.

In today’s post, which is second and final part in this series, Jorge provides input on what the Summer Intensive experience has done for him on a professional level and how he has applied it to his new business opportunity.

ALCN: How have you used the skills you acquired to building your current organization, Shakeup? Tell us about the work you are doing?

JC: I use the skills acquired every day. I use them in every meeting with potential clients, in my presentations and in my preparation for the meetings. I always think about how I can improve based on what I learned during the Summer Intensive. One of the key take away items from the coach training was to listen. I have realized that nobody really listens. People only listen in an effort to come up with an answer or solution, but not to understand. When you listen to honestly understand, the meeting changes completely.

I would also add that for me, what I acquired was mainly a seed of knowledge. This seed is now growing inside of me, and I’m improving every day. So, it’s not about a specific skill that can be obsolete in one year. It’s a lifetime set of tools and ideas that will grow and evolve with you.

ALCN: Can you give us a little bit of background about the iOpener assessment tool and how this works in your coaching programs of companies in Europe? What inspired you to add this tool?

JC: My company, Shakeup, specializes in helping organizations and their teams perform beyond their limits in a fast paced ever changing business environment – and, to do so while creating a happier environment. For me, happiness at work is something that has been an obsession for many years, and I have always been convinced that is it both critical and possible in the work environment.

On the other hand, iOpener Institute has been scientifically studying happiness at work for more than 10 years, and have developed a tool that is able to measure this happiness in a very objective way. They analyze more than 35 parameters to determine how happy an organization is based on performance.

I would say that closing this joint venture with iOpener Institute was a natural step for me. Everything matched immediately. Plus the information you can get with this tool is incredible. You can know everything about how a company works and how to improve things with their teams. Having clear objectives, realistic goals, communication, positive feedback, cultural match, etc… everything can be analyzed providing a very clear diagnosis about the situation and what needs to change.

ALCN: What is your vision with your company in the future?

JC: Shakeup’s vision is to help companies and their employees around the world perform better in the future while ensuring happier and healthier organizations. We have created special event camps at Gstaad in Switzerland and Mallorca in Spain to do just that. I am focusing at executive level, because I believe that this is the only way to implement these changes.  Changes at the executive level benefit the entire team and create a “wave” effect similar to the  ripple effect with coaching, spreading  happiness and opportunities among their teams.

ALCN: What advice do you have for individuals who are considering attending the Summer Intensive Coach Training Program?

JC: My advice is to stop thinking and act. Go for it! If you want to improve your professional and personal life, this is a great opportunity. As you see I’m not even talking about the possibility about what you can earn after as a coach, because I believe that this not the only reason to consider this coach training. There are so many other changes that continue to occur after this experience. It is enriching professionally, but it is also incredible as an individual life experience, unique and transformational and something I personally think everyone should experience!

ALCN: Any other input about your Summer Intensive experience that you think would be useful for people to know?

JC: Yes, my additional recommendation, if you decide to go, is to take advantage of every minute. Don’t focus just on training sessions. Focus also on the people that are there with you, meet them, go out for dinner, lunch, visit. There are not many opportunity in life to stop, forget about regular problems, obligations and just enjoy the opportunity of being there with incredible people you will meet.

For more information on ALCN, leadership coaching or the Summer Intensive Coach Training Program, please feel free to contact us.


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