AAEAAQAAAAAAAAIWAAAAJDRkNGY0NjQwLWRkNTctNDFhYi04N2IzLTg0MzlkMzk2ZWI1NQWe love being able to support Graduate Coaches in their growth after the Summer Intensive Coach Training. Here is a recent interview the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP conducted with a 2012 Summer Intensive graduate, Ivar Lukk from Estonia.

ALCN: When did you attend the Summer Intensive program? What were your goals at that time?
IVAR LUKK: I attending the coach training program July – August 2012. My aim was to gain structured, hands-on know-how regarding the tools and techniques involved in executive coaching.

ALCN: Why did you feel the Summer Intensive Coach Training was an important tool to help you move to the next level in your career?
IL: I liked the intensive format and I had a bias regarding NLP. I heard a lot about this coaching technique and wanted to become more knowledgeable about it.

ALCN: What was the most impactful part of the training experience for you personally?
IL: The training exceeded my expectations on all levels. Helen is one of the best trainers I have ever experienced and I enjoyed the personalities of the guest trainers. This combined with international group members made it a very experiential and fun way of training and learning. I believe that coaching is something that you cannot just learn rationally, it requires hands-on work and role playing. There is also a strong element of intuition and art involved. I was lucky to experience some very impressive high-impact coaching during the course of the intensive coach training program.

ALCN: How have you used the skills you acquired to building your current business in Estonia? Tell us about the work you are doing?
IL: I am lucky, because my clients have appreciated the combination of NLP and coaching that I learnt at ALCN. I am now coaching top executives in public and private sectors and I am also training managers in coaching skills. I have partnered with ALCN on teaching a Leadership Coach Training here in Estonia for members of the EU which was very successful and opened up more work for me with the EU. I recently received my ICF PCC credentials, which was another one of my goals in attending the training.

ALCN: What is your vision with your company in the future?
IL: I enjoy the work I am doing. During the last few years I have achieved a strong, solid reputation in Estonia and rank among the leading executive coaches in my country. My ambition now is to build an international coaching career and to spend 6 months of the year living and working somewhere warmer.

ALCN: What advice do you have for individuals who are considering attending the Summer Intensive Coach Training Program?
IL: Go for it! Helen has great enthusiasm and energy and it is hard not to be positively affected by this in the group learning environment. The setup and methods of the course are well-designed and highly-practical. I was a different man on many levels after completing the coach program.

ALCN: Any other input about your Intensive experience that you think would be useful for
people to know?
IL: Summer is a great time in California!

For more information in the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP Summer Intensive coach training program, or our personalized one-on-one or small group leadership coach training programs and corporate retreats, please feel free to contact us.

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