One of the biggest benefits of becoming a coach is aligning your values, your strengths, and your skill set with creating the lifestyle you want to create. Within the coaching profession, you can create a lifestyle that combines freedom and flexibility. You can really create balance in your daily life.

When I was starting out and meeting successful life and business coaches, I saw how they adapted their work as a coach to the life they wanted to lead. Some coaches worked with clients two times a week, some three mornings a week, and some everyday. Other coaches worked three weeks a month and took a week off every month, or if there were five weeks to the month, they took two weeks off.

Endless Opportunities to Create Your Dream Life

Looking at all the lifestyles available to me as a coach, I said to myself, “Now that would really work for me! That sounds like a lifestyle I could handle!”

I started to really see how in the life coaching profession I could live anywhere in the world I wanted to, I could work from my home office, I could dress the way I wanted to and work by phone with others around the world. I could be my own boss, and create my own schedule. I could really create my own business based upon what’s important to me.

In this week’s blog entries, I’ll show you how I made the transition and created the lifestyle I want, and how you can, too.

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