At midlife or retirement, you already have a rich skill set and life experience. What you’re often looking for is how to make a difference with the skill set and life experience you already have at this point in your life.

Perhaps you’re retiring and aren’t quite ready to stop work. A lot of people who come to coaching as a profession tell me, “I don’t want to continue to work full time, but the idea of working 12-15 hours a week from my home office and really contributing to the lives of others is very appealing. I think I have a lot to offer.”

Designing a part-time coaching business is ideal for people in midlife or retirement. When you coach others, you get to share your valuable life skills and experiences, your business and career expertise. And since you’re helping people design a life they love to wake up to, in becoming a coach, you’re going to be asking: How do I create the life I want, how does this fit in with my lifestyle?

As a coach, you can work with as little as 5 clients a week to 30 clients a week. Often people say, “I’ve built a successful career or business already, now I would like use that work experience to create the next chapter of my own life and assist others in creating success in their career. How can I use my life experience to help others create better relationships, a better community, a better world?”

How do you want to design the rest of your life? In the next blog, we’ll look at some examples of how people have used their expertise to launch themselves into the coaching profession.

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