Do You Dare to Be a Superhero? These days there’s always a superhero movie in theaters. In fact, every time we turn around there are new books, games, and costumes depicting superheroes. We just can’t seem to get enough of those defenders of the weak and helpers of the lost. What if I told you that everyone, you included, are superheroes? We know you can’t fly above the heavens, but doesn’t it feel great just to know you have incredible powers that no one else does? At The Academy of Coaching and NLP, we believe you possess superpowers that will help you better the world by assisting those in need.

Why We Love Superheroes

Superheroes are exactly who we wish we could be. Who wouldn’t want to be seen as special? The idea of being gifted with incredible powers or being chosen for an important purpose is appealing to anyone. What we don’t realize is we already possess our own fantastic superpowers! We are all born with unique gifts that aren’t quite the same in anyone else. Plus, we have the knowledge we gain from our own life experiences.

Like the majority of superheroes, we are oblivious to our powers until the day we realize we are different; the problem is we can’t see ourselves as superheroes due to our flaws and imperfections. While working tirelessly to improve these, we tend to forget how exceptional we are and end up striving to just fit in. After all, superheroes are portrayed as being lonely due to their unique gifts and no one wants to feel as though they’re alone. Sometimes being a superhero sounds like more trouble than it’s worth but trust us, it’s not. Using your skills to help others down the path to a more satisfying life is beneficial to not only them, but to you also!

Being a Coach Allows You to Use Your Own Unique Superpowers

Once you understand what your superpowers are, you must work to use them for good. A coach understands that they possess the power to create ripples of change in the lives of others. To harness your powers, you must start developing them either on your own or through a training program. Coaches who attend ACN’s training courses are able to use their powers of listening, learning, and offering guidance to help lead others down their desired path. What makes our coaches superheroes is that they understand how important their purpose of helping others is, while also working to advance their powers over time.

As a coach, acknowledging and developing your strengths are part of what makes you a superhero. Keep in mind if a superhero doesn’t use his or her gifts, everyone suffers the consequences. If you’re unsure what your superpowers are, begin focusing on your skills.

  • Are you a good listener?
  • Can you ask really powerful thought provoking questions?
  • Can you see things from others’ perspective?
  • Do you wish to use your gifts to help others?
  • Do you agree a time for change is now?

Determine what you can offer to the world and you’ll become the superhero you’re destined to be!

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