In the Moment Coaching

We offer the following courses, which can stand alone or be combined in customized packages to create the right program for your organization.

Coaching Skills for the Workplace: Coaching and Being Coachable

One Day Course

Effective communication in the workplace skills training

This one-day course is essential in the first stage of integrating the coaching mindset into your culture. Participants will come away from course with a solid understanding of the coaching perspective, and ready to engage and be successful in a coaching environment. After the initial launch, most organizations have internal ALCN-trained trainers facilitate this introductory course.

  • Basics of Workplace Coaching: Coaching and being coachable, success in a coaching environment, using coaching to build and expand knowledge, skills and potential.
  • Emotionally Intelligent Communication Skills for the Workplace: Self responsibility, authenticity, appropriate risk taking, growth mindset, effective communication.
  • Collaboration and High Trust Teams: How to be an effective team member in this organization, accountability, welcoming diverse perspectives, constructive conflict, building teams you want to be on.

Basic Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders


This course is a two-day immersion courses designed to introduce coaching skills and mindset to your management team. Managers and leaders will come away with the foundational skills needed to build high trust teams, lead with a development mindset, have effective and empowering conversations that bring out the best in others, and lead others to higher levels of creativity, competence and boldness in their work.

  • Coaching Mindset, Basic Coaching and Interpersonal Skills: deep listening, empowered communication, risk taking, authenticity, self responsibility, compassion, collaboration.
  • Generative in the Moment Coaching: Our foundational tool used to assist and empower decision making, clear obstacles to creativity, innovation and boldness, and unlock capabilities, in the moment.
  • Building High Trust Teams: How to build, foster and support high functioning, productive, high trust teams.

Building High Trust Teams

Developmental Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders


This course is designed to take your leaders and managers beyond the basics, to develop their own skills and abilities as highly effective leader coaches. This is a comprehensive program that will redefine leadership and teach deep coaching and development skills.

“The program is phenomenal and brilliantly facilitated. The learning environment allows for tons of experience and deep learning. Each activity or skill is explained, demonstrated and then students have an opportunity to practice and fully debrief their experience. I highly recommend”
Jessi Brandt, Learning & Development Manager
  • Unlock and developing the skills and talents of others, over time: High level performance coaching, tools that replace performance reviews, creating and following an effective development plan, mentoring, delivery of clear motivational feedback, working with limiting beliefs that hold back performance.
  • Leader as Coach: Facilitating transformational relationships that help people know themselves and others at deeper levels, and achieve their potential.
  • Next Level Skill Development: Moving from basic practical skills to expertise across the spectrum of workplace coaching.

Train the Trainer Programs

Our Train the Trainer Program will give your organization the resources and capabilities to facilitate many ALCN courses. Having internal facilitation capabilities allows you to bring coaching skills to all parts of your organization on a timeline that works for you.

Our Train the Trainer Programs provides you with:

  • A licensing agreement to teach any of our coaching courses internally
  • High level training and support for your trainers
  • Training manuals, charts and facilitator notes
  • A way to reduce your costs with maximum impact