Additional Courses
And Services

Business Executive Coaching Training Courses and Services

The Business Case for Creating a Coaching Culture


A unique and inspiring half day interactive presentation designed to introduce the compelling business case of integrating internal coaching into an organizational culture. We find that sharing the “why” is helpful in creating organizational buy in at all levels. We can facilitate this interactive presentation to any population of your organization, from boards to new hires to L&D, as well as train your trainers to facilitate it.

Customized Executive Programs

We all know that for real change to take hold in an organization, the leaders must get behind and model the new ways of being. All our course material can be customized into off site programs, in which your Executive Teams will learn the same skills being taught throughout the organization. This type of training brings authenticity, depth and substance to the whole coaching culture program, and provides an opportunity for executive growth and alignment.

Dedicated Internal Coach Training


This is for organizations who choose to have dedicated coaches on staff whose sole purpose is coaching and staff development. These dedicated coaches have the advantage of understanding your culture from the inside out, and being deep resources for the whole organization, from coaching the leadership to designing new courses, to problem solving and
evolving your internal program. Soon-to-be retiring executives and star performers are excellent candidates to become dedicated coaches.


We specialize in implementation of customized coaching culture initiatives and are available to support your team as you integrate coaching into your organization. As consultants, we will support you in strategic planning, problem solving and all aspects of your roll out as you create your coaching culture. The success of your program is of utmost importance to us.

Coach Supervision

In our supervision program, we will mentor your coaches and/or trainers for an agreed upon length of time, throughout the process of implementing Generative Coaching Skills into your organization, assessing and collaborating with your managers and leaders to address your unique organizational challenges. We will ensure their skills are solid, and they have the support they need to carry on the teaching for years to come. Supervision is customized for managers, internal trainers, executives, HR personnel and L&D personnel.