Summer Intensive Program

International Intensive Coach Training

Summer Intensive 2018
Sonoma State University, California
June 12th-June 30th

Are you looking to make an impact on the world around you?

Join other executives, health professionals, teachers, therapists, career changers and leaders from all walks of life at the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP’s ICF-approved Summer Intensive Program. This unique program, designed for both U.S. and international coaches-in-training, draws dedicated professionals who wish to complete 6 months of NLP Leadership Coach Certification coursework in an intensive 3-week period.

Our summer-intensive coach training program takes place at beautiful Sonoma State University, recently rated one of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States. Sonoma State University is located in California’s premier wine country and is situated within easy reach of San Francisco and Bodega Bay.

The Sonoma State location provides an ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to schedule a mini-vacation break to coincide with their attendance at the Summer Intensive. And, because our coach training program includes a three-day built-in rest period, participants will be able to relax and enjoy the San Francisco Bay Area with classmates; another great way to bond with future business associates or even lifetime friends.

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Call Now to Register
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  • The ALCN & NLP Summer Intensive is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).
  • Spend 20 days in an inspiring location with enthusiastic, experienced, international instructors learning the principles of NLP Coaching, a cutting-edge modality in the coaching field that is fully backed by research on neuroscience and cognitive behavior therapy.
  • In just 3 weeks, thanks to ALCN’s global coaching eco-system, you’ll receive the guidance and tools to create a powerful coaching culture within your organization, take on a leadership coaching role in your business environments, or build a successful coaching business no matter where you live.
  • Through our mind/body holistic approach to coach training, you’ll gain deep insights into yourself, how you lead others and how you direct and lead your own life.
  • Learn the skills necessary to create a coaching culture for your organization’s employees or to develop your own coaching business.
  • In just three weeks, you will be guided through an entire six-month coaching journey, both from a coach and client perspective, and will experience a profound personal and professional transformation.
  • Connect with students from all around the world and become part of a tight knit community of coaching professionals who support each other no matter where their careers take them.
  • Thanks to ALCN’s mentorship ecosystem, you’ll enjoy the support of experienced coaching professionals for a full year after you complete your training.
  • Upon successful completion of the 3-week Intensive, you’ll receive 125 Professional Certified Coach (PCC) learning hours and receive the Certified NLP Leadership Coach designation.
  • After you graduate from the program, you’ll be in possession of everything you need to pursue professional certification through ICF.
  • During your time at the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP, you’ll benefit from international coach trainer Helen Attridge’s unique mentor-style teaching approach. Helen, ALCN’s President, has built a globally renowned international coaching, leadership development and training business and is highly sought after by business leaders worldwide. Read what students from around the globe say about Helen.

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Take a moment to read success stories of ALCN international graduates!

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“I decided to make a career shift and attended the Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP’s Summer Intensive Program which was a life-changing experience. Now I am living my dream. Coaching is a new industry in Egypt, and I was among the few (maybe 10 out of 88 million people) who introduced coaching into Egypt. Thank you Helen for giving me the tool box, the art and craft of coaching, and above all the confidence and certainty of my value and effectiveness as a coach who can create change the world. I highly recommend this program to anyone ready to make big changes in their life.”

Nayef Moukhtar
Certified NLP Coach, Cairo, Egypt

Who attends the Summer Intensive?

We are often asked what kind of professionals will be there? While each individual who attends our program is truly unique, there are many common themes that run through the people we have the good fortune to meet each year.

  1. They want to make a major impact in their organization.
  2. They are interested in building their career globally.
  3. They want to bring coaching to their country.
  4. They are ready to break through to another level in their lives and/or career.
  5. They want to make a ripple of change in their sphere of influence.
  6. They desire to be a part of a coaching eco-system that will support them in their efforts.
Introduction to NLP coaching and ICF’s core competencies

• Learn how to create a coaching contract and design a coaching partnership that sets the stage for change.
• Understand how to work with coachees on a weekly and monthly basis to move them towards the results they want.
• Discover how the ICF core competencies create a simple model for developing a coaching culture.

Adding NLP to your coaching tool belt

Our coach training program will introduce you to powerful NLP ideas and assumptions.
• Learn how to apply NLP coaching skills and techniques to a coaching context.
• Discover how to use simple NLP coaching techniques to help coachees shift they way they think and feel.
• Understand how NLP helps create new pathways in the brain, allowing the coachee to design and create the life they want.

The Art & Craft of Coaching

• Learn to understand coachees at a deeper level and support change over time.
• Understand how daily choices can affect their lives.
• Discover how to blend NLP with the ICF coaching model.


Dates: June 12th-June 30th, 2018

Days off: 16th, 21st, and 26th of June

Location: Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA (50 miles north of San Francisco, in the heart of California’s wine country)

Tuition plus residential package: $11,995
Early Bird Registration $10,995 (if paid in full by April 1st)

Our residential packages include three meals a day, access to gym, pool and laundry facilities (staying on campus is significantly than the cost of food and lodging in the Bay Area.) The Sonoma State campus was nationally recognized in the Princeton Review for “dorms like palaces.”

Call Now to Register
Call Now to Register
866-383-4333 or 530-477-0314

Advanced NLP Coaching Techniques

• Explore limiting beliefs and discover how the story a coachee tells themselves might be blocking them from creating the life they want.
• Learn advanced NLP coaching techniques to support a shifting beliefs and identity level.
• Discover how to apply simple and powerful NLP coaching techniques in a variety of different coaching environments.

Creating Change

• Take time to examine where you started, where you are currently and what is next in your coaching journey.
• Identifying your unique plan to move forward and discover how to market yourself to the ideal client.
• Create a vision for the next stage in your personal and professional journey.

“Helen is an exceptional trainer! I loved learning from her. What most stood out for me is Helen’s outstanding ability to illustrate concepts and coaching strategies using skillful storytelling. She made the ideas and coaching approaches come to life. I could have listened for hours. Thank you, Helen, for creating a better world through coaching and teaching others to do so as well.”

Linda Marchesani
Managing Principal, Director, Workplace Learning and Development, University of Massachusetts

The ICF-approved Intensive Program is held near San Francisco, California


Our coaching program allows participants to become ICF Certified at highest level (ACTP). It includes mentoring and business building support, plus one year of international peer-to-peer coaching after program is completed.


Learn from a successful international coach. Discover our coaching eco-system process. This philosophy teaches students powerful NLP coaching techniques and then gives them ongoing support as they learn how to create a coaching environment within their own practice or business culture.


Our classes enroll a maximum of 18 students.

This format creates an opportunity for individualized attention coaching opportunities from our trainer.


The residential package with lodging and three healthy meals a day included.

Significant cost savings over hotel lodging options and local Bay Area food costs.

Creates a sense of global community among coaching program participants.


Coach training includes access to all workshop materials.

Materials include coaching forms participants can use or adapt for their use.


To support the next stage of integration, participants receive 10 mentor sessions upon completion of the program.

Mentoring is required for ICF Credentialing.

This helps create a global coaching eco-system which allows the participant develop a deeper understanding of coaching curriculum.


Participants will coach and receive coaching from four different coaches from around the world.

This format supports continued learning and growth within the global marketplace.


Our business building module is now offered as an audio online program for completion at your own pace once you have completed in person coach training hours.

Covers all the steps to setting up your business, identifying ideal client, websites, social media, networking, newsletters, speaking, training etc Includes one individual session defining your marketing pitch.

Location: Sonoma state University
  • Rated one of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States.
  • A sought-after venue for workshops and seminars.
  • State-of-the-art facilities, a park-like campus, fantastic gym.
  • Nationally recognized in the Princeton Review for “dorms like palaces.”
  • Choose the residential option which includes overnight accommodation and three meals a day.

Learn more and view the campus at Sonoma State University 

Sonoma State University of California hosts the ICF-approved Intensive Program
The ICF-approved Intensive Program is held at Sonoma State University