Nearly half of affluent, wealthy Chinese individuals intend to take part in training programs over the next three years, according to an article in Forbes magazine. Helen Attridge (CEO and training director of the Academy of Coaching and NLP) understands that now is the time and place to fulfill this new-found desire for individuals to create change in themselves and others.

“My teaching job in China opened my eyes,” says Helen Attridge. “I saw that the Chinese are hungry, not just for corporate growth, but also for personal development.” The experienced master coach’s vision was formed in China after working with executives the world over as a Results Coach for the Anthony Robbins Company.

Having spent over five years teaching in China, Helen believes China will surprise the world in their ascent to embrace change. “Students are seeking coach training programs for the certification, but wind up walking away with much more than that from ACN,” says Helen. “The students have a deep desire for growth, personally and professionally. I am moved by their strong desire to heal themselves, their families, their work environments, their community and their country.”

Helen feels there is a common thread among her students; they seek to achieve a balance that incorporates traditional values with modern living in a global world.

Success Stories of Chinese Graduates

  • Sky Jeng dreams to change his country’s education system. His core value is to contribute a long and lasting legacy for China by designing a new model that brings coaching into the school system. In 30 years’ time, he hopes the system he is creating will benefit the next generation of leaders. Independent of their economic background, Sky believes that this special education should be available to all. Since graduating from the A.C.N. training in Shenzhen, he’s helped many students get a great start.
  • Adams Ding desires to impact high-level managers and entrepreneurs to realize their full potential and how they can contribute to their team and company. A successful business coach, Adams started a business called Three Loves, which believes in “Love of Self; Love of Family; Love the World.” Three Loves ties traditional teaching with Chinese values to facilitate global change.
  • Kevin Tian wishes to empower Chinese leaders through coaching by encouraging decision making with the use of their hearts, rather than solely their minds. Kevin dreams to introduce a “heart-centered” leadership model to his country, leaving his corporate position to pursue his goals..
  • Zhang Lei aims to open a post-pregnancy clinic in China, to better care for mothers in need. She is currently the owner of a television station located in Beijing.

China’s new desire to improve work environments and family life is fueling the need for more comprehensive coaching programs. This year’s summer intensive training in the San Francisco Bay Area attracted students from many different countries including China, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Israel, Estonia, France, England, Singapore and the U.S. The Academy of Coaching and NLP wishes to repeat their phenomenal results with their follow-up fall extended coach training, beginning November 1st and spanning across five four-day weekends.

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