Coaching as a Profession Coaching is similar to counseling in that it is client centered and also similar to consulting since it is very outcome-oriented. But unlike counseling or consulting coaching is a partnership between you and your coach in order to help you achieve a more satisfying life by meeting personal and professional goals. Here are some common characteristics of contemporary coaching to illustrate what benefits the right coach will bring to your unique goals.

The coach will not:

-Have all the answers.
-Provide expertise.

When visiting a bakery, you don’t normally talk to the baker about your car problems, right? This definitely falls along the same lines. A coach is here to help guide you to a more fulfilling way of life. They will not try to provide you with information that is biased or incorrect. While the list is small for what a coach will not be able to help a person with, the list for what a coach can do is much longer!

The coach will:

Help direct a client toward an increased recognition of their choices.
In life, it can sometimes become hard to see all the options before you. Sometimes having someone help you take a long look at your situation from a different perspective is the most beneficial route you can take.

Encourage the client to try new things.
This can range anywhere from little, exciting things to big, exciting things. Either way, the fact that you’re trying something you wouldn’t have tried yesterday is the biggest achievements of all and allows you to grow into the next version of you.

Encourage the client to develop more behavioral flexibility.
Developing your behavioral flexibility can make a world of difference.NLP coaching skills provide lots of ways for you to explore and try on new behaviors then apply them during your day. These new behaviors can then become a natural way of life

Encourage the client to venture into new territory at his/her own pace.
If you wanted to start training as a runner you may decide to run with a more advanced friend. You would most likely find that this person would either try to push you to run at their pace right away or they would run ahead of you, leaving you behind. Allowing you to develop at your own pace is a less stressful/more exhilarating way of meeting a task head on.

Help the client understand the story they are telling themselves and others.
That is creating the life they are currently experiencing. We often do not live out lives based on reality but rather on our story and our beliefs. NLP coaches help clients become aware of their beliefs. From here the client can begin to rewrite the script of their life, they can become empowered to be the director of their story and begin rewriting their life story moving forward to the life they truly desire and the person they really want to be.

Make sure the client is aware that credit for any progress goes to them and not the coach themselves.
In the end, everything a coach does to help you reach your goals is all you! Since a coach is your partner and will not provide answers or expertise, you’re able to find your own way to happiness!

These are just a few of the major benefits offered by NLP coaches and trainers. Keeping you challenged, remaining involved and focused, while helping you achieve your goals will help you take what you are today and become who you wish to be tomorrow.

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