Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLPHow many of us like to make choices? Not just what you’ll prepare for dinner or what movie you plan on seeing, but actual life-changing decisions. While some feel comfortable choosing their own path, others feel more at ease when decisions are made for them. For those of you who allow others to choose your destiny, this is your wake-up call! If you have an idea of what your future holds but need some help putting your plan to action, consider signing on with a coach. A coach can assist you in a collaborative relationship by helping you determine how you can make the most beneficial decisions to reach your goals.

What Life Will You Say Yes To?

You have the upper hand when choosing your destiny. Sometimes we give others consent to make our decisions based on how we think they will perceive us. Allowing others to choose your path can lead to disappointment; only you know yourself inside and out. Consider what is right for you at this point in your life. What gives you a sense of purpose? Have you done something for yourself lately? Are you devoting your energy to something that will make you happy? Would coaching benefit you on your journey? Think decisions over carefully and how they will affect your overall goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Coaches can make all the difference in helping you find direction or see possibilities you may have missed previously.

Dwelling in Possibility

Early in life, we learn almost all decisions we make have consequences. Use these situations as learning experiences. Remind yourself why you made the choice you did and understand that any other choice you had would come with its own set of consequences. Also, when some clients are faced with numerous possibilities, they can start to feel unsure or trapped. Saying “Yes” to one possibility can be daunting especially if it eliminates other possibilities. Weigh out the pros and cons of each to help support your choice. Make sure not to dwell on an unrealistic possibility as this could divert your attention away from the your goals.

Remember, you have the power to create ripples of change in your own life! Contemplate the ways having a coach can help keep you on track while making your dreams a reality. Coaches can help you set expectations for yourself, making each goal you reach will be a true victory. Instead of going with the flow, begin plotting out the course of your life and start truly living.

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