As you go through life coach training, you start taking an inventory and doing assessments of your own life. Where are you in your own life? If you were starting a coaching program with a coach today, what changes would you want to make? What are your values, how are you living your life, how are your relationships, how are you as a parent—are you aligning with your values about how you want to be?

Some people do come to the training knowing that it’s an experiential course and that they’re going to learn to coach by being coached. Yet they don’t often realize the depth of how it’s going to affect them. They start out seeing how they could make one little change. Then as they’re coached, it just moves through many levels. First, they explore their environment, then move on and look at their behaviors and other people’s behaviors, their skills and capabilities, their beliefs and values, their identity, and then progress to their highest spiritual mission.

Envisioning Your Own Ripples of Change

Pretty soon, people in life coach training find themselves changing their whole life.

How fast? Faster than you might realize. I’ve heard people at the beginning of the training say “I want to make this change in ten years.” Then by the end of training, they are saying, “I’m going to make the change now!” Or, “I’m quitting my job and starting a new coaching practice.” Or, “I’m moving back to Australia because that’s where my heart is!” They find a way to honor themselves and their family, to honor themselves and their culture—and this is very powerful.
What’s your own vision for a new life? Are you ready to get there faster than you ever dreamed?

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