When I first started coaching, I remember a trainer saying when new coaches start out, they often picture themselves working with clients all day. In reality, some coaches I know do work a few days a week with clients back to back. Personally, I like to space my sessions with my clients out throughout the course of the week.

Because I coach internationally, I’ll vary my schedule depending on my clients’ time zones. When I’m working with clients in China I’ll network in the morning, take the afternoon off, then work with my clients in China in the late afternoon, which is their morning.

I’ve been in charge of my schedule from the beginning of my coaching business, when I was still working part time and coaching two or three days a week. I’m now very clear that I don’t work on weekends and I only work one evening a week. Most coaches I know set their own schedules, especially once they have built their practice.

The key to setting your schedule the way you want it is to have the marketing in place. When you have a waiting list, your clients know: these are the hours my coach works. If the client needs a time that’s not a good fit with your schedule, you can always refer the client to someone else. Some coaches work with clients on the weekend or evenings, and many charge more for these “peak times”.

Once the marketing is in place—and again, you get to choose how you market yourself–you really get to design your schedule the way you want to design it. At ACN, we’ll help you figure out the best way to market yourself, whether you’re just beginning as a coach or have already completed your training.

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