I studied in the social welfare field while living in Australia. I spent many years before becoming a life coach working with families and teens in residential treatment centers in Australia and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the social welfare environment, you spend a lot of time looking at the past–what caused the problems or situations that people are currently in. I knew from my own personal growth journey, I was much more interested in looking at the future: what am I going to create for myself tomorrow, the next day, the next week, the next year?

I transitioned from social welfare into a graduate director position with the Hoffman Institute after attending a seven-day retreat called the Hoffman Process, which had a profound impact on my life. Part of this unique experience was that although the process spent the first few days looking at your past and doing some healing work, the rest of the time was spent looking at the future—and creating a new life for yourself. I loved working at the institute with grads and supporting them in moving forward from the process into their new life

The Day I Found Out About What Life Coaching Is

While I was facilitating a group for the Institute, a woman asked me, “Are you a life coach?” I didn’t even know what a life coach was, so I said, “Tell me more about life coaching. It sounds interesting.” She said, “Life coaches work with people to create the life they want to create.”

At that moment, it clicked for me. I remember saying, “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I love supporting people in creating what they want. That’s my passion!” That night I came home and looked up life coaching online. On Monday morning, I called the program training director at the coaching institute closest to where I lived and signed up. I just felt intuitively it was a perfect fit for me.

My Life Coach Training

I loved going through the life coach training where the focus was on using your own life as a model for how to coach others. It was a process of really looking at your own life and saying: what is the change I need to make in my life? Starting with you and the life you want to create really empowers you before you start coaching other people.

A year later, I was fully transitioned into working as a life coach, moving to the beautiful Sierra foothills, working with clients about 15-20 hours a week, and doing all sorts of cool stuff to make that a reality such as working with Womensquest as a facilitator and life coach. At Womensquest I got to combine my love of the outdoors with empowering women to make changes in their personal and professional lives. I totally felt I was in the right career–and it was and is completely congruent with who I am and gives me an amazing opportunity to use my unique gifts and talents to contribute to the lives of others.

First Steps

Listening and paying attention to that excitement is the first step in a new life transition. Often when I’m talking to people about their interest in life coach training, they say, “I have always had an interest in empowering others.” Or they say: “My friends tell me how supportive, helpful or useful my support and feedback is and that I would make a great life coach” So when they learn about life coaching, they have the same feeling I had: “Yeah, this is it! It feels great and it’s a feeling that’s totally congruent in my whole body.” As you consider a career in life coaching, pay attention to these feelings and listen to your own excitement!

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