FullSizeRender2One of the biggest joys I have as a leadership coach and the President of Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP is to see my clients step out of the role of coachee into the role of coach within their organizations. That also is part of the fun and excitement of our Summer Intensive Coach Training Program. We give our students the tools they need to succeed as coaches and to train other individuals to do the same. The mission of this program is to provide students with the finest and most practical coaching skills possible. This training offers a variety of coaching tools that will greatly enhance a coach’s ability to assist others. In addition to that, students learn advanced NLP techniques that can enhance their coaching practice and help them connect with their clients on a deeper level.

Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing this very scenario take place as I helped close an ALCN NLP Coaching Skills for Leaders training program in Estonia. At this program, ALCN Summer Intensive graduate, Ivar Lukk, partnered with ALCN to bring our coach training program to his homeland. (Read more about Ivar’s Summer Intensive and coach training journey here.) Ivar is a prime example of the power of coach training with ALCN and our goal of training up trainers who can in-turn partner with us to bring our programs to individuals in their own countries. It was a joy to see this plan in action!

This is how we know that our coach training really works. We see other people receiving the benefits of our programs, and we see our training continuing to grow on a global scale. In addition to Ivar, we have many other coaches who have done the same. Consider the story of Jorge Carulla, who turned his coach training into an organization that helps business leaders be the very best they can be. After his Summer Intensive Coach Training, he started the organization Shakeup, which helps companies and their employees around the world perform better in the future while ensuring happier and healthier organizations. Through Startup he has created special event camps at Gstaad in Switzerland and Mallorca in Spain to do just that. Read more graduate stories in our ebook.

So you might be asking, “Why should I attend the Summer Intensive Coach Training Program?”Quite simply put, there are so many take aways that is hard to pinpoint just one reason. But here as just a handful of the benefits our students receive:

  • Learn how to apply NLP coaching skills and techniques to a coaching context.
  • Discover how to use simple NLP coaching techniques to help clients shift they way they think and feel.
  • Understand how NLP helps create new pathways in the brain, allowing clients to design and create the life they want.
  • Experience a global coaching eco-system, giving students the guidance and tools to eventually take on a leadership coaching role in their own business environments or build a successful coaching business in their country.
  • Support your company in building a coaching culture, learn all the tools you need in your leadership role to introduce coaching skills to your team.
  • Learn in a global environment how NLP coaching crosses cultural and age barriers giving you simple tools and language to powerfully support clients on a global scale.
  • Enjoy staying at the beautiful campus of Sonoma State University, located in the heart of California’s wine country.
  • Choose the residential package with lodging and three healthy meals a day included, for a significant cost savings over hotel lodging options and local Bay Area food costs.

In addition, the Summer Intensive is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Upon successful completion, graduates receive 125 Professional Certified Coach (PCC) learning hours and receive the Certified NLP Coach designation. Furthermore, graduates are encouraged to pursue professional certification through ICF.

Are you interested in signing up for this year’s program? Now is the perfect time! Register before March 31st and enjoy $1,000 off the regular tuition. Contact us for more information!

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